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Monday, September 22, 2008

Sr. Software Engineer – VC++ openings in Technopark

Pivot Systems, Inc. established in 1997 is a global software services company dedicated in providing expert software development services and solutions for major corporations. We have the state of the art software development facilities in USA and India.

Experience: 2 - 4 yrs.

Qualification: B.Tech /B.E / M.Tech / MCA or M.Sc (CS)

• Advanced VC++, MFC programming experience.
• Expertise in object oriented analysis and design concepts, and design patterns.
• Microsoft .net experience especially building enterprise applications using DCOM, IIS, COM+ and Web Services.
• Must have experience with full life cycle projects.
• Outstanding programming experience using sockets, threads, etc.
• Very strong communication skills.

If you are interested in this profile, please mail your updated resume to


HR Team
Pivot Systems, Inc

KSRTC Bus Services from Technopark

Good news to all techies..Technopark has arranged for KSRTC bus services to ply from Technopark to Kollam and Kochi.
Please make a note of the timings and the routes:
To and fro Kollam: Shuttle service begins from Monday, 22nd from Kollam KSRTC bus stand to Technopark. The bus reaches Technopark at 8:30 am. The return trip from Technopark begins at 6:30 pm.

To Kochi: KSRTC has introduced a long distance bus service to Cochin from the Technopark campus on all Fridays. One bus will go to Cochin via Kottayam (MC road) and the other will go to Cochin via Quilon-Alleppey (NH).
Buses would start from Park Centre (near Water Tank) at 5:00 pm, every Friday.

Techies are advised to make use of this service.

source :

Monday, September 8, 2008

UST Global unveils new campus plan

UST Global unveiled its plan for the proposed campus in Trivandrum. It is expected to be operational by 2010. The campus will be marked by its unique architectural style, ambient work space and eco-friendly operations. The Campus has been designed by CPG Consultants, a Singapore-based architectural firm who are world-renowned for their work on projects such as Singapore’s Changi Airport and National University of Singapore (NUS).

SeaView celebrates its 10th anniversary

The Technopark IT Giant, SeaView( ) is celebrating its 10th anniversary this week. SeaView is the pioneering IT Enabled Services Company in India . Its is mainly involved in Medical Transcription , Business transcription and Legal Transcription. Seaview caters to the needs of industry leaders in the US and the UK.

The company started its operations in 1995 in Technopark and now has a staff strength of 180 and is fast expanding. Seaview also develops software for the Transcription Industry . Products include digital sound tools for file conversions and playing, tools that facilitate automatic ftp and data transfer, Scheduling and Monitoring software that takes care of the entire needs of the global online teletranscription industry . They now operate from their own building, Padmanabham, near the main entrance of Technopark.

TechnoparkToday wishes SeaView all the best on this glorious occasion and wishes them success in their future engagements.

The Economic Times apologises to UST Global

The Economic Times apologised to UST Global for the incorrect story it published. The Bangalore Bureau of ET carried a story on UST Global on Monday, 25 August 2008, about the possibility of the Comcraft Group selling its stake in UST Global.

This report came at a time when UST Global marked its ninth anniversary celebrations over the weekend. This report caused major concern among employees and clients of the company. It was a totally baseless and irresponsible report according to the Sajan Pillai, CEO of UST Global. “The Comcraft Group and UST Global took this up with The Economic Times, and the Chief of Bureau has personally apologised to us for this misrepresentation of the facts by the reporter”, he Said

Read Moe..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kingfisher adopts IBS’ cargo solution

Technopark-based IT solution provider IBS’ cargo solutions have made their successful entry into the air cargo industry in the country with Kingfisher Airlines becoming the first user of their iCargoNet worldwide.

The airline has started using IBS’ iCargoNet, a Software as a Service (SaaS) version of IBS’ airline Cargo Management System (CMS), iCargoGold.

It manages the cargo business of the airline from planning, sales, operations, ground handling to cargo revenue accounting and revenue optimisation functions in an integrated and cost-effective manner.

The implementation comes at a time when Kingfisher Airlines is seeking to grow its cargo business in the domestic market while optimizing its cost of operations.

Chairman & CEO, IBS Group, V.K. Mathews, in a release here said, “We can proudly claim to have fulfilled our vision by becoming a one-stop-shop for airline cargo solutions.” The IBS has plans to take the solution to more players in the air cargo industry within the country and outside

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Infosys-Sanjeevani - Make a difference…to an underprivileged life

THEATRE is a Infosys-Sanjeevani event which aims at spreading awareness about the lives of the underprivileged & how we can change them. In Theater, teams will perform street plays (a street play is a skit performed on a street or some public place by artists usually dressed in uniform costumes) showcasing their ideas about the topic. The plays should be tailored to instill awareness in the audience. Teams are encouraged to think creatively and innovatively to portray their ideas on the theme “Make a difference … an underprivileged life.” You may consult the organizing committee with any doubts that you may have and also on the appropriateness of your scripts..

Read the Full story

37 Tips for Techies, For a better life.

HSBC Gundaism - Engineer manhandled and threatened in Technopark

HSBC gets good business from Technopark. Their employees and agents roam around Technopark and get more business than any other credit card company. But some bitter experiences with HDFC makes one cautious of HSBC and its employees.

This is an incident which involved Mr.Arun, a software engineer working in Technopark. If you are a Credit card holder, please read on. It can happen to you too

Read the full story in Technopark Today

Technopark is tightening security.

A few days back technoparktoday reported security threats in technopark( The post was forwaded to many corporate management officials and the Technopark Authority as well. It is really goot to see that Technopark has taken that issue very seriously and that they are taking measures to tighten security. Here is the reply from the Technopark Authority

Read the full story in Technopark Today

The Myth : A film made by IT professionals in TechnoPark

A film, The Myth, created history in art and entertainment industry, the first ever full length movie made by IT professionals from Technopark. A couple of talented IT professionals from SunTec are behind this amazing achievement.

The story line

A journalist finds secrets of a famous temple in the capital city of Kerala. He starts publishing this story in some news papers and catches the public attention. But before the secret completely unfolds, the journalist is killed and the secrets stolen.

Read the full story at Technopark Today

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ghost in Technopark?

It is an experience of a Technopark employee who traveled through the Technopark back gate road( university campus road), explained a very strange experience.

this is what she said to technoparktoday.

“I am working in a private firm in technopark. due to some work yesterday, i was held back and delayed my return to home.

around 9:30pm, i started from office in my scooter and was passing through the back entrance road (karyavatom - thripadapuram road) i chose this road b’cos this was recently tarred and a better, smooth road and i was afraid of taking the kazhakootam road due to fear of hooligan activities recently.

as soon as i passed out of the back entrance, a jeep hurried across me from the opposite side and applied a sudden break. lukily i maintained my balance and was not thrown out of my scooty.

when i crossed the first hump in the road itself, the current wen tout and it was completely dark. there were no lights from the nearby houses and the silence marred the cloudy atmosphere which even more added to the fiery nite. the little light in my scooty helped me propel to my target. i accelerated my vehicle. suddenly i noticed something moving in front of me some meters far somewhat near to the right turn in the road. i applied the breaks of my vehicle as it turned out to be a completely strange thing. it had the height of 2 persons mounted to each other and was fatter than a normal person. a dark blanket covered the whole ‘thing’ and it was moving (floating) towards the university road. as soon as the thing went out of sight, i rushed with my vehicle with a little life in my body.

later i explained this shocking story to family but they wont believe..”

What you think? still we can argue that its 21 century, digital world. but how can we neglect the real life incednts and experiences by many folks? this is not the first time we are hearing about such experiences in technopark back gate.As many people says,Karyavattom Campus road is a haunted place, that area is said to be a physically sensitive place, as described in history.

Read the Malayala Manorama’s Special article about the Ghosts in Karyavattom campus

Thursday, July 31, 2008

IBS Technopark bagged japan based Nippon cargo airlines deal

Technopark based IBS Software Services, providers of IT solutions to the travel, transportation and logistics industry, said that its next-generation Cargo Management System, iCargo, has gone live with Japan’s Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA).iCargo is a cargo management system that provides web-enabled features that offer better product distribution.

visit our new site

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monsson Offer in Baskin Robbins, Technopark

Baskin Robbins Technopark informed us about their special monsoon offer!.

visit BASKIN ROBBINS outlet at Technopark on 31’st july and get a discount of 31% for the purchase!!!

for details, contact
Technomall, Technopark.
Phone : 0471 3042001

Walk-in Interview

UST Global conducting a walk in interview on Saturday, August 02, 2008 in Trivandrum and Cochin for Java developers.

Time: 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
Location; Trivandrum & Cochin office

Skill set required:

Java developer
· Good knowledge in Java/JEE
· Experienced in Web Development (JSP, Servlets, HTML,CSS)
· Good knowledge in Struts/Spring/ Hibernate

Senior Java developer/Technical lead
· Good knowledge in Java/JEE
· Experienced in Web Development (JSP, Servlets, HTML,CSS)
· Good knowledge in Struts/Spring/ Hibernate
· Experience in analysis and design of Java/JEE application using OOAD/ UML
· Well acquainted with design patterns
· In-depth knowledge of XML and Web services
· Well acquainted with application server (WebSphere/WebLogic)

Exp: 3 + with excellent communication & Presentation skills

Work location: Trivandrum, Cochin

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Technopark needs to be vigil upon terrorist attacks?

In the scene of series of attacks happened during the past 2 days, the fear is still in the air.Being the major IT destination in kerala, Technopark Trivandrum is also one of the potential target of the terrorists. More than 15,000 IT professionals are working here, and the security measures are not up to the mark to effectively protect any of such incidents that may happen.

Yesterday’s attack in Bangalore was targeted to the IT companies, Being the IT capital of India, any such attack will lead to the total insecurity for the professionals and IT companies. One of the major employment providers in the country is the IT industry . So any attack targeted to the IT industry cause an insecurity feeling among the youngsters in the country.

Come back to Technopark, Its situated apparently in a remote location, and no security measures are deployed to protect the employees from any such threats, other than the vehicle pass checking by the group4 securities in its main entrances. Anybody can forge such a sticker and put in the vehicles, so it cannot be considered as an effective way. And they are writing down the registration numbers of every vehicle, entering and leaving the technopark. As an icon of Information Technology and related services Technopark is still in the stone age in its security related aspects.

Anybody can enter in to the technopark premises easily. It is found that the mobile and credit card representatives are intruding to the technopark premises without any proof or identification. They normally take a lift from a few hundred meters away from the technopark gate. The securities will never mind if the driver has the identity tag. So anybody can easily enter in to the technopark and they can easily override all the security facilities there. Technopark employed dozens of security persons, but all of them are busy to quarrel with people, who miserably looking for a space to park their vehicles.

So it is a high time to seriously think about the security in technopark. The digital surveillance cameras and related security equipments are easily available in the market. at least they can install a few such cameras in various locations within the campus ,within the buildings and its lifts, 15,000 employees are not a small crowd, if something happened, the outcome will be much worse than what we can imagine now.

If you found any suspicious incidents/person, please inform Police Crime Stopper Cell/Police Helpline

Police Help Line# : 3243000, 3244000, 3245000
Trivandrum City: 2320579, 2727500, 9447715599
Trivandrum Rural : 2315803, 2741545, 9447115601.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

UST Global to extend SAM impelementation

UST Global is looking to extend implementation of Microsoft's Software Asset Management (SAM) to its two centers in India as well as global centers in Philippines, Malaysia and Vancouver in Canada.

The company is looking to deploy the solution to its India centers in Kochi and Chennai within the next three to six months. The first round of implementation was started in its Trivandrum centre in November last year and was completed by January 2008.

Remembering Kargil, Operation Vijay and our war Heroes: Tribute paid to our gallant soldiers for war valour!

“When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today!”

Today, July 26, 2008 marks the ninth anniversary of “Operation Vijay” which was engineered to flush out the infiltrators and indigenous militants from Kargil, one of the toughest mountain warfare fought till date. This day, "Kargil Vijay Divas" is being celebrated to pay homage to our soldiers, who laid their lives during the 2 month long conflict from May 26, 1999 to July 26, 1999.

Nine years ago, around this time our valiant Indian Army was battling on the rough, rocky and glacial terrain stretching from Zoji-La Pass to the Siachen Glacier to evict the perfidious aggression in this high altitude sector. However, our Army thwarted this attempt by the intruders to conquer the rugged heights of Kargil. Unfortunately this military campaign to repel the intrusion left about 525 brave men dead and another 1,400 wounded.

Now, today, on this Kargil Vijay Divas,

It’s an occasion to mourn!
It’s an occasion to rejoice!
But it’s also an occasion; a moment of despair and indignation!

For the reason being the authorities concerned have conveniently forgotten the officers and brave jawans who laid down their lives to uphold our nation’s honour and dignity. We totally concur with what the Retd. General V P Malik said, “The martyrs of wars and those who sacrificed their lives in proxy wars are not being given their due.” We also regret for the level of Government support to families of fallen war heroes. It is inadequate and they feel alienated and uncared-for.

How many of us still remember Captain Vikram Batra (Yeh Dil Maange More!), Lieutenant Manoj Kumar Pandey, Grenadier Yogendra Singh Yadav, Lieutenant Saurabh Kalia et al. Captain Vikram Batra, the brave 24-year-old youth who was a Lieutenant at the beginning of the war was later promoted to captain on the battlefield. The man who strove to make it to the Indian Army and died happily on duty for his nation. This Pepsi catchline which Captain Batra told his commander at base camp, later became the catchline for the Kargil war. At last, Operation Vijay saw more than 400 young blood laying down their lives for our nation.

I wonder! What does it take our state, bureaucracy and “babus” to instill a small amount of patriotism and nationalism for commemoration? It is sad, but it is true, for all those brave men, who protected our country by laying down their lives in the Operation Vijay or any other earlier wars, there are no remembrance. Does our country appreciate its son's exemplary valour? It still remains quandary!

Having said that, the grit and determination of our warriors would continue to serve as a beacon not only for the valiant soldiers of our country but also for the generations to come. Their fearlessness and deed stands as a guiding light to believe in the strength and steely resolve of our motherland unequivocally and authoritatively!

For the men who gave their lives today for our safer tomorrow…Valorous Soldiers…
We salute you for laying down your lives for a noble cause - to safeguard our beloved nation!
We salute you for demonstrating that remarkable spirit of patriotism, paramount courage and for offering supreme sacrifices in your lofty struggle for upholding our national pride!

We believe, the time is apposite for remembering the following motto which gets molded into the hearts of hundreds of Gentleman Cadets -

“The safety, honor and welfare of your country come first always and everytime.
The honor, welfare and comfort of the men you command come next.
Your own ease, comfort and safety come last, always and everytime.”

Jai Jawan! Jai Hind!

N.B. At this moment, we would also like to convey a strong message that time has come for us to arise, awake, stand and fight against the evil forces which are trying to create disorder and mayhem. Time has come to be more sensitive, concerned and unite. Time has come for us, the civil society to rise to the occasion and to give a befitting response and riposte to the ones who spread terror in our country. Let’s together spread this message, and fight against these radicals and prowlers!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Technopark firm HBS enters into tie-up with SA firm

Hages Business Solutions (HBS), based at Technopark here, has entered into an agreement with South Africa-based Baitech for jointly marketing and executing SAP projects in South Africa. Addressing a press conference here in this connection, HBS mangaing director K.G. Gopakumar said that the new venture would help HBS in exploring the opportunities in South Africa as well as in places like Kenya and Nigeria. Started three years back, HBS has a number of Indian and foreign companies in its clients list. It had recently entered into an agreement for SAP support with a Kuwaiti firm for their Indian operations

HBS at present has offices in Chennai, Delhi and UK and is plannig to open offices in Mumbai and the the Middle East. The company is targeting to acheive a business of Rs 100 crore by 2011 and would subsequently go for IPO

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Seminar on Technical Communication

The India chapter of the Society for Technical Communication is pleased to announce a one day seminar in Association with University of Kerala for promoting Technical communication as a career option on July 26, 2008.

Department of Communication and Journalism, University of Kerala Kariavattom Campus.

Registration Details:

To confirm your participation, please send a mail to Spot registration will be provided only if seats are available.
Participation is confirmed only if you receive a confirmation mail from Bobby George


09.30 AM : Spot Registration
09.45 AM : Introduction
10.oo AM : "A Career In Technical Writing" A talk by Shankara Shastri Rajanala
10.45 AM : Q&A
11.00 AM : Tea Break
11:15 AM : "Effective Communication" An interactive Session By Ms.Meena Rajagopal
12:00 PM : Q&A

About the sessions :
Session One : "A Career In Technical Writing" - By Shankara Shastri Rajanala
Session Two: "Effective Communication" - By Ms.Meena Rajagopal

VC++/MFC Openings in Nest, Technopark

NeST, Technopark is looking for the candidates with experience in C++ and MFC.

- More than 2 years of experience in C++, MFC
- Excellent object oriented skills
- Good communication skills
- Willing to travel

Please forward your resume to

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Technopark based UST Global to provide IT solutions to US firm Dana

Technopark based IT giant,California-headquartered UST Global, which has a major presence in Kerala's IT industry, in a statement here said the tie-up would help Dana improve its operational efficiencies and lower total cost of ownership.

"Dana needed a stable resource support structure to provide a global delivery framework that could quickly ramp-up, when needed, to handle emerging e-business development requirements," said Bill Umberger, director of IT corporate services for Dana.

Dana is a world leader in the supply of axles, drive shafts, structural, sealing, and thermal-management products.

UST Global is the biggest IT company in kerala, started their operations in techopark in early 90s. they acquired many fortune 500 & fortune 2000 clients in their client list within a short time span, and they showed an aggressive growth during these years. They've got many accreditation's including Gartner's magic quadrant listing this year. Now they have 5,500 employees, more than 3,000 are employed in Kerala itself in their Technopark campus and its Kochi office.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Daylight robbery by auto rickshaw drivers in Technopark

Day light robbery is happening in Technopark now a days by the auto rickshaw drivers near Technopark especially in kazhakootam and karyavatoom autostand. They always demand for double fare for the technopark trips .and they wouldn't shut up till they get what they want. it seems there is nobody to control them. many complaints were registered in the kazhakkotam police station by the technopark employees, but still there is no change in the auto drivers attitude.

People who are financially sound have their own vehicles and they are unaware of what the kazhakoottam autorickshaw drivers are demanding from a passenger for a single trip from kazhakootam to technopark.

It’s barely 2 kms from kazhakootam to technopark (bhavani). For a normal trip they can charge only a max of Rs.20/- for 2 kms. But here in kazhakootam the story is entirely different. They are charging a min of Rs.30/- and a max of Rs.60/-. This is intolerable as far as a normal person is concerned.

Things will become more worse when the female employees are traveling in auto.If they find that the passenger is a girl then they start demanding for more money. And if the girl is not ready to pay the amount, then God only knows what all Malayalam bad words she is going to hear from that person for that moment.

Because of the Technopark, the auto ppl getting more and frequent trips, literally hundrads of technoparkians are commuting daily in this manner. female employees and north indian ppl are the main preys of this rude auto drivers. Only Technopark authorities and Kazhakkootam police joinlty can do something to stop it, a better solution is to provide a pay in advance ( fixed fare ) auto stand, then only we can put an end for this daylight robbery.

UPDATE : Thanks for the overwhelming response from the readers and valuable comments. many of them suggested various ways to prevent this robbery. like if any auto driver demand more money and quarrel with you, just give money and note down the registration number. and you can file a complaint to the kazhakootam police station, and online as well. here is the web link of trivandrum city police : or register your complaint at 0471-2469223-RTO Trivandrum. Also make others aware about it. please pass this information to all of your friends in technopark.

Related News : Rape attempt on Software Engineer by an auto driver

It happened a few months back, A software engineer escaped a rape attempt by an Auto driver last week in Trivandrum. The techie who missed her morning company bus had taken an auto for Technopark from her hostel in the city. She was taken to a secluded place and an attempt was made to rape and when that failed, to rob her by the Auto driver and his friend who joined them en route.

The employee of the leading Software Company in Technopark realized that the auto driver was taking her elsewhere. “When asked, he said it’s a different route as there was some deviation on the main road. Later he stopped in some weird location and tried to pull my dress and attacked me. When I jumped out, he pulled my chain… it broke but luckily fell in my hand and then I ran. Somehow I got back home. I couldn’t have gone to office in those torn clothes”, says this girl who’s lucky to have got away with just bruises on her face, neck and hands.

This Techie from Chennai who has been in Trivandrum for a year has no clue about the place nor could she write down the vehicle number. The senior management has taken it up with the City Police Commissioner but it’s going to be difficult task to nab the culprits in the absence of details.

Most companies in Technopark ply a single bus trip to office in the morning, unlike other cities where there are multiple trips. If one misses the bus, its difficult reaching office as local bus connectivity is poor. “We have no option but to pay up the exorbitant rates demanded by auto drivers. Not to say the risk we take by getting into an Auto”, says Gopika* who works in Infosys. The auto drivers ask for a fare in excess of double meter reading for a trip to Technopark.

There have been similar incidents of harassment and molestation of Software Engineers by Auto drivers in Trivandrum in the recent past. This brings up the safety issue of Technopark employees. Meanwhile, this Techie who had joined this company as a fresher has put in her papers as she’s had enough of Trivandrum.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Movicamp 2008 in Technopark

Amvizone is conducting a movie camp in technopark on 27th july. they are the first online community to encourage and enhance the talents of amateur movie makers. they recently celebrated 1,00,000th hit for one of their movie clips. and they are in the process of making a a series of short movies.

So,if you think you are a talented director, or an aspirant, this is a golden opportunity,walk in to the movicamp 2008.

Fore more details visit :

Technopark - Snake At Work?

See an unexpected visitor at workplace.. this video is published in YouTube.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Asian School of Business to set up own campus Near Technopark

Asian School of Business (ASB) is investing Rs 63 crore to set up its own campus near Technopark.16 acres of land at Pallipuram, near Kazhakoottam where Technopark is located, has been identified for the new campus and the plan is ready.

An investment of Rs 63 crore is envisaged and the B-school will move out of its leased premises at Technopark as soon as the first phase becomes operational.Spread over three phases, the first phase of the campus will be completed by the middle of next year. It is expected to incur a cost of around Rs 30 crore

Work on second and third phases is scheduled to begin by the last quarter of 2009 and early 2011 respectively. While the second phase is estimated to cost Rs 12 crore, the third phase would involve Rs 21 crore.

On completion of the first stage, the ASB campus will have 1,20,000 sft of space and comprise a conference hall, library, hostel to accommodate 150 students, guest house, cafeteria and recreation facilities. It will accommodate 200 students.

When the second stage gets over in about three years, ASB will have additional classrooms and more accommodation for students and staff. Once the phase two of the campus is built, the plan is to have entrepreneur and management development centres to offer residential training programmes for senior executives.

The institute will also house a business incubator in the next few years.ASB, which offers a two-year post graduate management programme, will be Kerala's first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified green building and campus.

Contact ASB campus in Technopark:
Asian School of Business, Padmanabham
Phone: 0471-25579001

Full moon party at Technopark

Update : The Full Moon party conducted by Team Aruns in association with TechnoparkLive! was a wonderful and memorable event. see snaps here

New open parking space near Nila, Technopark

Technopark has constructed a new open parking space near Nila for parking employee-vehicles and company owned buses. Employees may from now park their vehicles in the open car parking area at Nila. Hope that people will not park their vehicles on both sides of road leading to Nila anymore, as it causes traffic congestion

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rules and Manners in Car Parking - Who Cares?

Here it is how two cars were parked near the Technopark amphitheater made hindrance and inconvenience to many, today evening.

Many people, including female employees waited there for a long time in the heavy rainy evening. so we are publishing the photos, to identify those vehicles which made a great inconvenience to many technopark employees who parked their car in a very decent manner.

So to avoid such situations,

Please park more sensibly and be considerate enough to park the cars without making any trouble to others.

Or at least keep your visiting cards in the dashboard so that others can call you if your car is a problem to others.

Karoke Music Jam for Techoparkians

Team Aruns in association with TechnoparkLive is conducting a grant Karoke Music Jam at Cafe Coffe Day, Ginger Technopark. ( on 17th July 2008, 6.30 PM onwards )

This is a unique chance to sing your heart out..The event includes Karoke Music Jam, Coffee quizzes, Coffee tasting sessions, Fun Games etc...

various prizes awaiting you!! The thrilling events in Technopark begins here...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Poll result

Here is the poll result. 51% of the people voted for YES. and they think that the techno city project is a hype. and 36% of them are saying its not a hype.

anyway after the commencement of the technocity project, the prices of the nearby places got rocketed high. and its is reported that it reached up to 17 Lakh/cent!

The real estate mafia and the land brokers are taking the advantage of the techno city project. and so the same reason so many people believes that the technocity is a hype made up of the real estate mafia in trivandrum.

But according to the reliable sources the project is already started and will be completed according to the current plan. govt should take necessery steps to make sure that, this project not making any parallel mafia's in trivandrum.

[HELP] Lost the Tag

On July 14 Afternoon went I went out for lunch, I lost my tag on the way. I am working in
Exalt Integral Solutions Pvt Ltd,L4 ,Thejaswini Block
If anyone get, it please submit that to my office or reply to

PMI Kerala chapter conducted seminar in Technopark

PMI Kerala Chapter and Techno Park, Trivandrum conducted an interesting session on "Innovation, Patents & IPR" by Mr. Ajith Kumar P N, PMP, Yesterday

This session covered the following areas:

- Innovation, Patents & IPR and difference between Innovation and Invention
- Why Innovation is important for corporate organizations Success story of innovative companies (innovative products/solutions and revenue through royalties/IPR licensing Ex; Google, 3M, IBM, Samsung etc.)
- Why patenting is important and how corporates generate revenue out of licensing their patented solutions
- What are patentable inventions and non-patentable inventions
- Process involved in patenting in India and other countries
- Setting up Organization strategies for innovation

Technopark formed a Virtual Technology Business Incubator at the LBS Kasaragod

Giving shape to its first regional incubation centre, the Thiruvananthapuram Technopark has formed an Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) and a Virtual Technology Business Incubator at the LBS College of Engineering in Kasaragod.

The IT park's Technopark Business Incubation (TBI) centre would be offering support to the engineering college for coordinating the effective conduct of the Entrepreneurship Development Activities thus maintaining the status of a Regional TBI in the state, a Technopark official said.

K C Chandrasekharan Nair, CFO, Technopark and Programme Coordinator-New Initiatives, Technopark TBI inaugurated the EDC. According to Nair the objective of forming the EDC is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the campus.

Another objective is to exploit and effectively convert the skills and expertise within the institute to create entrepreneurial ventures.

Technopark already incubated more than 70 start up technology companies in its incubation facilities in the past five years with a success rate of over 90 per cent, Nair said the National Award for the Best Technology Business Incubator for 2007 and a Seed Funding Assistance of Rs 200 lakh instituted by National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB) of the Department of Science and Technology, have come the Technopark way due to this.

Meanwhile, the entrepreneurship development activities of the LBS College of Engineering would offer support to spot and incubate innovative ideas among the students into marketable products and to incubate them in the TBI.

The Technopark TBI will be providing all essential support needed for the entrepreneurship development activities

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chilli baji from Technopark Restaurant

Sherston is closing down its Technopark operations?

Sherston India was started in June 2000 with a small team of seven at Chennai. Proven with excellence and creativity, Sherston India has grown to a current work force of more than 100 with a second office in Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram, equipped with latest diversified technologies and a harmonious team. With a strong team of multimedia, design and programming experts, Sherston, India, is geared to provide cutting edge solutions in the educational software and Computer Based Training.

Its being reported that the Shertson is about to close down its technopark operations and continue its chennai its technopark employees are seeking for opportunities within technopark and companies outside.

As a company Sherston Technopark proved many times their unity and creativity, the best examples are their presence in Tech a break celebrations. they proved the celebrations can be made much colorful and creative. We hope they will comeback in to their glory soon, and thus in to technopark again.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Petrol theft in Technopark?

Please find the mail circulated by a technopark employee. Please be alert.

Dear All,

On friday evening when I took out my car from Technopark I noticed that fuel level was nil. Surprisingly that morning I had put in Rs 500 worth of Petrol.

First I thought that fuel meter had some problem but the car stopped immediately as I crossed the back gate .

I rang up popular service and they send across a person .He showed me that the tube connecting to the fuel tank was disconnected.

Further I learned from him that the person whoever did was a real expert as this tube is clipped to the filter and when we looked at it the clip was removed and was slipped up the tube.

earlier also we reported many fuel theft incidents near the Nila building, especially from the bikes of employees working in night shifts. technopark deployed many securities in parking areas and all, but still the theft continues, and more such incidents are being reported daily.

Friday, July 4, 2008

A new deal for IBS , Technopark

IBS software services, an IT firm specializing in new generation IT solutions to the global travel, transportation and logistics industry, has inked an agreement with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to provide it with a crew management solution.

Under the agreement, the airline will replace its existing crew management solution with Avient Crew, a product developed by IBS.

The IT-based solution optimizes crew utilization and maximizes crew productivity throughout the airline’s operating environment, providing real time alerts and crew data management as well as real-time solutions and decision-support functions for problem solving.

IBS claims that Avient Crew would help KLM manage all aspects of their crew operations, improve crew tracking and reduce disruption costs. It would allow for consistent monitoring and identification of problems and ensure that crew rosters comply with governmental and regulatory requirements, airport restrictions, crew training, licensing and airline-specific requirements.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

karaoke Music Jam in Technopark

Highlight of the evening:
  • Karaoke singing contest.
  • karaoke Music Jam
  • Coffee Quizzies - get your CCD knowledge right and win goodies from CCD.
  • Coffee tasting session.
  • The best dressed male & female in RED (CCD's color) will win surprise gifts.
  • Be ready for several surprise contests and gifts!

Limited seats - for Complimentary entry pass email us on NOW!

Register to participate in karaoke singing contest: Click here

...So you are invited !

Nine IT majors in the race for developing Technocity

Technocity Latest
Larsen & Toubro, Raheja and Suzlon are among the nine major groups who have come forward for developing the Technocity, the-state-of-the-art IT township set up by the State Government on 500 acres in the state capital.

Emaar MGF, Maytas, Sun Forrester, SREI, Brigade and Ramki are the other major groups that have responded to the request-for-qualification’ (RfQ) invited by the Kerala State IT Infrastructure Limited (KSITI) for developing IT and IT-Enabled Service projects at the Technocity as well as the third-phase of the Technopark. The RfQ was released on May 28. The last date for submitting applications was June 30.

A committee headed by Chief Secretary P.J.Thomas will scrutinise the applications. The committee will have Secretaries of IT, Industry, Finance and Law Departments and Chief Executive Officers of the Technopark and the Infopark as its members. Those who do not satisfy the conditions prescribed in the tender notice would be rejected. The Cabinet should approve the final list of developers for the Technocity.

IT Secretary Ajay Kumar said that the land acquisition process for the Technocity at Pallipuram, around five km away from the Technopark, was progressing and the construction works were expected to begin within six months. The Technocity would have all the facilities of a town, including a school and a hospital, on its premises.

While 70 percent of the space would be utilised for IT-related activities, the remaining area would be utilised for other supporting infrastructure. The projects would be developed on a Public-Private Partnership (PPP)-basis with the KSITI holding 26 percent equity.

The developers will have to form a `special purpose vehicle’ (SPV) for executing the project. The SPV will be responsible for designing, engineering, financing, procurement, construction, marketing, operation and maintenance of the project. The project will be carried out in three different ranges - IT/ITES project for parcel size up to 50 acres; IT/ITES Project for parcel size greater than 50 and up to 100 acres; IT/ITES Project for parcel size greater than 100 acres.

Gemini softwares, Technopark celebrating its 10th anniversary

Technopark based Gemini software is celebrating their 10th anniversary. Its a a 100% export-oriented IT and IT Enabled solutions-providing company owned by Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Group of Companies, Bahrain.They have various divisions like Software Design & Development Division, Design & Drafting Division, Business Support Division & Hosting Services Division

In this auspicious occasion, TechnoparkLive! wishes all the best for Gemini, and their future engagements. you can visit their website :

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

North indian food(parcel) is now available in Technopark

Good news for the north Indian techies working in technopark, famous north Indian daba shyamji restaurant now offers Parcel System for technopark employees.

1). They offer Parcel within 2-3 km from Technopark Main Gate.
2).price is same as in the restaurant.No Extra charge for Parcel or Supply.
4). Call between 7a.m. to 10:00 p.m. !!

Shyamji Restaurant
Near Technopark Main Gate
Phone No. : 9895223125

Call them and order your parcel.

House for rent near sreekaryam, for Technopark Employees

A 3 BedRoom with one hall, one kitchen is available at Shanti Nagar, Sreekariam.
Spacious Car parking facility.If interested, contact: 09445377343

Shared accommodation available for Technopark employees

Shared accommodation for gents available at Kazhakkoottam. Walkable distance from bus stop.
Furnished house with food.
contact 9447917924

House for rent in Mankuzhy for Technopark employees

First floor (independent entrance)
At Mankuzhy [Between Pangapara and Chavadi Mukku] on the main road.
1 Car and a Bike can be parked.
2 Bedrooms –
1 Internal with attached loo and bathroom
1 External with attached loo
I hall, 2 spacious balconies and 1 Terrace on top.
Tiled Flooring
Present Rent – Rs 4000/-

Please contact Josie – 9895874032

Monday, June 30, 2008

Java opportunities in M-Squared, Technopark

A Technopark company, M-Squared is looking for a Lead Java Software Architect and Java Technical Consultant with Min. 5 years experience working in Java technologies.

The resource must have experience in project management, designing, developing and implementation.

Interested candidates send resume to

Business Trancrptionists ,BPO Openings in Technopark

Arackal a SEI CMMI Level-3 assessed company in Technopark, Trivandrum is currently looking for energetic young talents to join its BPO team as Business Transcriptionists . The candidate should be preferably a graduate who can understand and transcribe fast paced american accent with great deal of accuracy.

About the company

Arackal Digital Solutions is a Global Software Services company at the forefront of Strategic Outsourcing Services. We are head quartered at Toronto Canada. Into 8th year of operations we have branched out to various areas including niche areas in Business Process Outsourcing. An equal opportunity employer - Arackal has an off-shore development facility in the sprawling Technopark campus, Trivandrum.Interested Candidates may send in their resumes to

Workshop on Functional Programming in Technopark

Tutorial on Modern Application Development with PLT Scheme
and Functional Programming

Speaker: Guillaume Marceau, IIITM-K

Date: Wednesday July 2nd 2008, Time :
2pm - 3:30pm,

Location: IIITM-K, Park Centre

This introductory talk will give a bird's eye view of the
Scheme programming language. We will show examples that
illustrate the coding style in functional programming.

The program will present the object oriented
functionality, the GUI toolkit, as well as the threads and
resource management features of PLT Scheme . We will
describe an architecture for a debugger, and give one
example of syntactic hygienic macros -- a feature unique to
PLT Scheme.

Speaker Bio:

Guillaume Marceau is Senior Lecturer and Research Scholar at
the Institute of Information Technology and Management --
Kerala, Trivandrum. He is on leave from his doctoral
programme at Brown University, Providence, USA, where he
studies under the supervision of Professor Shriram
Krishnamurthi. His research focuses on bringing well-founded
solutions to issues faced by the software industry, such as
refactoring prototypes into applications, detecting security
flaws by reusing existing static analyzes, and automating
debugging activities. Guillaume has presented his work at
numerous international conferences. He also taught lectures
based on the Professor Krishnamurthi's books, Programming
Languages and Interpretation, as well as How to Design
Programs, and he participated in the delivery of the
Teach Scheme curriculum to American high-school teachers.
Guillaume has over ten years of experience in software
development, including work done at IBM T. J. Watson Research
Center, and at the Robocup International Robotic
Competition.Guillaume Marceau's website is at

Read his blog

Sunday, June 29, 2008

SBT opened a new branch at Tejaswini Buliding, Technopark

SBT ( State Bank Of Travancore ) opened a new branch at Tejaswini builiding, exclusively for technopark employees. . Its the 711th branch of SBT.

This branch offerers Safe deposit locker facility,online fund transfer, Internet banking, mobile banking and foreign exchange transaction for its customers.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sam Manekshaw - Epitome of valor and brilliance!

Sam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw, alias Sam Bahadur, the first Field Marshal (Jan 1, 1973) in the Indian army was truly one of India's greatest soldiers. He had inspired India's younger generation - a whole generation indeed!

Sam Bahadur was the architect and the inspiring leader of the operation which gave India its greatest military victory in the 1971 war. He truly embodied all traits that one associates with the best in the Indian Army. His strategic brilliance, inspirational leadership, shrewd tactics, uncanny ability to motivate the forces are all well-known. He showed acumen for immaculate planning and impeccable administration. He joined the first batch of cadets at the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun.

He is a Military Cross awardee for taking the seven bullets from a Japanese machine gun which whipped through his body while fighting in the deep jungles of Burma. The man who sported his trademark handlebar moustache was also witty, forthright and approachable to a fault.

The country honoured him with Padma Bhushan in 1968 and Padma Vibhushan in 1972.

TechnoparkLive! salute this brave son and valiant soldier of India!

Jai Hind!

(Hari Nair)

IT exports from Kerala touch Rs 1,568 cr

With more companies opening shop in the State, export of IT products from Kerala reached Rs 1,568 crore in 2007-08.71 new companies started units in the State-run Technopark in Trivandrum Infopark in Kochi during the last two years. These companies created direct employment to the tune of 22,500 and nearly three times more of indirect jobs.

the IT infrastructure in the State was being expanded. For one, the Government had decided to set up IT parks in all the districts in the State, besides strengthening the facilities in Technopark and Infopark. All these put together would create additional 88 lakh sq.ft. of IT space in the State,t work had commenced for establishing a technocity near Trivandrum, a cyberpark in Kozhikode and IT parks in the districts of Thrissur, Kasargod, Kollam, Alappuzha and Kannur.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Technopark transport arrangement on tomorrows Harthal

As a hartal has been called on 27th June ,Technopark has made arrangements with the Police department to give protection for convoy vehicles and the companies’ vehicles have to join this convoy. please utilize this facility for your safety

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Hump issue resolved!

The Hump is getting Destroyed!

Its really happy to see that the Hump issue is taken by the Technopark authorities and they took necessery actions to reduce the height of the deadly hump. Thanks a lot Technopark!!!

TechnoparkLive! reported yesterday about the newly built Giant Hump near the water tank.

Destruction in progress...

New hump experiment in Technopark

That new hump near water tank came up on last Monday, with the intention of checking speeding of vehicles.Good, but the place is not properly lit, and the stripe painting on the hump can be mistaken to be a pedestrian crossing at night.Several car drivers had their car-jumping skills tested, and a bike (driver saw the new ‘bulge’ too late) was thrown off at 9:30 P.M on Monday itself.

The driver of the bike was knocked off unconscious, and taken to the hospital in the technopark ambulance. (latest status not known)

Speeding vehicles need to be checked, but not by putting crude ‘mountains’ on unlit roads without any sign-boards, or with proper e-mail communication to the companies in Technopark.It’s easy to dismiss this saying the drivers need to be careful, but the ‘skulls’ who put this should not play with the lives of people here.

If only the so-called guardians of traffic show the same interest as ‘shouting at drivers’ in posting a traffic regulator there, we could save some precious lives.The traffic regulator, if posted at the spot, could at least warn the drivers until lights/signboards are in place.

Technopark authorities introduced a couple of new rules in technopark, including the entry restrictions in bhavani portico.

(news courtesy : Jino John)

Technopark Club Tournament - 2008 Announced

Technopark Club is conducting tournaments for professionals working in Technopark. It starts from July first week. Last date for Registration is 30th June 2008.




Non Member

Shuttle – Singles

Rs. 150/-

Rs. 200/-

Shuttle – Doubles / Mixed

Rs. 200/-

Rs. 300/-

Table Tennis - Singles

Rs. 150/-

Rs. 200/-

Table Tennis - Doubles

Rs. 200/-

Rs. 300/-


Rs. 150/-

Rs. 200/-

Caroms / Chess

Rs. 150/-

Rs. 200/-


Rs. 300/-

Rs. 500/-

Throw ball (Ladies only)

Rs. 300/-

Rs. 500/-

Tug of War

Rs. 300/-

Rs. 500/-

Floral Decoration

Rs. 200/-

For more details contact Club House Office at 0471-2700989, +91 9446487788 or write to,

Rush your entries

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Infosys campus at Technopark Phase II has got final clearance.

Infosys campus at Technopark Phase II has got final clearance from the Ministry of Environment and Forests. The total built-up space will be 1,466,000 sq.ft and the complex will have 9-10,000 employees.Click here to see the Minutes

Infosys Technopark campus updates

(Infosys Cage erection for Piling in progress in their location)

Total 175 Piles have been casted out of the Total of 196 Piles for the First Building ..... The first building is equipped to seat 1750 people.The Work on the Food Court is also started, they will

First Building - 1,60,000 Sq ft - 1750 People
Food Court - 1,50,000 Sq Ft - will have Domino's, Infy Shop, Beauty
saloon, also under ground car park
Second Building - 160,000 Sq Ft - Is a mirror image of First Building

(News courtesy : ajay,sidewinder)

Domino's opened in Technoaprk

Domino's opened its outlet in Food court, tejaswini building, Technopark.

They are offering a wide range of yummy pizzas. it is the only pizza outlet in trivandrum city, other than pizza hut.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tata Elxsi harassing its employees in Technopark?

A recent incident happened in Tata Elxsi proved once again that the IT employees are insecure and highly vulnerable to the violation of human right policies and politics in IT companies.

Very recently an engineer in Tata Elxsi is refused for an immediate relocation from Trivandrum to pune. He got the relocation information,when he joined soon after his marriage. Suddenly the company took its revenge by disabling his workstation access and access to the company premises. Thus he is forced to resign the company. A number of Technopark companies including Tata Elxsi is infamous among the techies because of their employee unfriendly HR policies.

At this point, we need to think about the serious violation of human rights as well employee rights happening in companies within Technopark. We are not supporting that particular employee, but the company could have consider any other engineers working in the same section ( because he is newly wedded, and he has some personal issues for an immediate relocation). That’s why the HR wing is there, they should be responsible to understand the professional as well as personal issues of a particular employee working there.

More or less, similar incidents are happening in various companies within Technopark. But a very few of them are known to us, because the victims are forced to find another job for his survival, and the IT employees are highly disintegrated, so they can’t do anything against the company in case of such serious human rights violations.

Similar incidents are happened earlier too, a few complaints were raised against the company named 'Toroid', about its human right violation policies, and it has got the media attention. And a few officers came to investigate about it. But you know they came along with the company top management. Do you think any single employee is ready to complain against the company in the presence of the senior management? So the total exercise was a hoax. Technopark authorities should take necessary controls to make sure that, no such incidents are happening in future.

Here we are appending a few words from one of the comments by the viewer, it depicts the pathetic situations in some Technopark IT companies.

"The major problem is politics in professional enviroment. The Manger and HR who is having good contact with higher management is hiding all information to higher authorities and threaten their sub-ordinates to work day and night and sat and sunday and at the end of successful completion project the credit goes to bullshit managers"

Visit the following links:

A Elxsian's blog

Article in Techgoss :

Discussion in Javaranch

Saturday, June 21, 2008

TCS Development Centre Technopark Trivandrum

Here is the Ist block of the TCS Development Centre Technopark.

Total Area will be 1.2 million Sq.ft

Thursday, June 19, 2008

US-based Intivia to expand operations in India

US-based Intivia, a leading provider of medical transcription services and medical office software suite, has decided to go for strategic expansion of its operations in India in a phased manner.

The company, which will commence its operations in Vadodara and Thiruvananthapuram from July as part of its phase one expansion plan, would create opportunities for 300 medical transcription professionals in one year.
With the commencement of the company's own state-of-the-art healthcare facilities in Vadodara and Thiruvananthapuram, Intivia hopes to meet the rapidly growing demand for healthcare documentation and technology services in India, he added.

(Nishanth Nair )

Intel ties-up with Technopark to help software developers

Intel, world's largest semiconductor company, entered into a working arrangement with Technopark here to help software developers.

As part of the Software Partner Programme (ISPP), Intel would give independent software vendors the tools and resources they need to enable, market, and sell innovative applications that run on intel technologies and platforms ranging from mobile to multi-core to virtualisation technology.

Speaking to newspersons here, Intel Software and Solutions Group (Asia Pacific) director Narendra Bhandari said Intel would be a strategic consultant to each of the member companies by providing them with a spectrum of marketing, technical and financial opportunities, thereby facilitating business growth.

The participating companies would get several benefits under the programme. The Intel Capital, the company's strategic investment programme, would identify potential investment opportunities amongst Technopark members, he said.

Technopark Chief Executive Officer N Radhakrishnan said together with Intel, Technopark was exploring qualified business opportunities that would benefit the member companies in their go-to-market strategies and stay competitive through unique marketing models and execution projects.

( Nishanth Nair )

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Technopark backgate road maintenance started

Technopark Back gate road ( Karyavattom - Tripadapuram) works has been started after a series of complaints and request from various companies within technopark. It is the road highly depended by the commuters from ullur, sreekaryam is a sort of short cut road for those whom likes to avoid the congestion in NH during busy hours.

TechnoparkLive! reported the pathetic condition of the road in an earlier post:

and one more good news is Technopark Authorities placed new lights along the main road of the campus, and its extended till the first turn of the back gate. its very helpful at least for the girls walking through that way to nearby hostels.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

Technocity Concept Layout Unleashed in Trivandrum

The proposed Technocity concept layout released in trivandrum. It offerers around 200,000 job opportunities. See the plans of the entire project and the proposed buildings in that.

Technocity is an extention project of Technopark Trivandrum, the future phases of the Technopark developements will be in Technocity project. It is expected that, after this developement the Technopark will become the No1 It player in the state, it will create more opportunities than the upcoming smartcity project in cochin.

Proposal for Technocity, Pallipuram by Emaar MGF.

Infosys Campus
Phase I
Area-1,60,000 Sq.ft

Layout - 50 Acres

Technopark Phase III
Block I

IBS Campus
Area-4,50,000 Sq.ft

Phase I completed

TCS Campus
Area-10,00,000 Sq.ft

UST Global Campus Phase I
Area-8,50,000 Sq.ft
36 Acres

NEST Campus
Area-3,50,000 Sq.ft

Leela Infopark
Area-4,60,000 Sq.ft

TATA Elxsi
Area-2,70,000 Sq.Ft

Asiatech IT Park
Area-60,000 Sq.ft

Information & picture courtesy : Nishanth Nair, He is one of the editors in TechnoparkLive! blog, he also maintains a blog which reflects all the development activities in trivandrum called Trivandrum Fast Forward. visit his blog :