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Friday, June 27, 2008

Sam Manekshaw - Epitome of valor and brilliance!

Sam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw, alias Sam Bahadur, the first Field Marshal (Jan 1, 1973) in the Indian army was truly one of India's greatest soldiers. He had inspired India's younger generation - a whole generation indeed!

Sam Bahadur was the architect and the inspiring leader of the operation which gave India its greatest military victory in the 1971 war. He truly embodied all traits that one associates with the best in the Indian Army. His strategic brilliance, inspirational leadership, shrewd tactics, uncanny ability to motivate the forces are all well-known. He showed acumen for immaculate planning and impeccable administration. He joined the first batch of cadets at the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun.

He is a Military Cross awardee for taking the seven bullets from a Japanese machine gun which whipped through his body while fighting in the deep jungles of Burma. The man who sported his trademark handlebar moustache was also witty, forthright and approachable to a fault.

The country honoured him with Padma Bhushan in 1968 and Padma Vibhushan in 1972.

TechnoparkLive! salute this brave son and valiant soldier of India!

Jai Hind!

(Hari Nair)

IT exports from Kerala touch Rs 1,568 cr

With more companies opening shop in the State, export of IT products from Kerala reached Rs 1,568 crore in 2007-08.71 new companies started units in the State-run Technopark in Trivandrum Infopark in Kochi during the last two years. These companies created direct employment to the tune of 22,500 and nearly three times more of indirect jobs.

the IT infrastructure in the State was being expanded. For one, the Government had decided to set up IT parks in all the districts in the State, besides strengthening the facilities in Technopark and Infopark. All these put together would create additional 88 lakh sq.ft. of IT space in the State,t work had commenced for establishing a technocity near Trivandrum, a cyberpark in Kozhikode and IT parks in the districts of Thrissur, Kasargod, Kollam, Alappuzha and Kannur.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Technopark transport arrangement on tomorrows Harthal

As a hartal has been called on 27th June ,Technopark has made arrangements with the Police department to give protection for convoy vehicles and the companies’ vehicles have to join this convoy. please utilize this facility for your safety

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Hump issue resolved!

The Hump is getting Destroyed!

Its really happy to see that the Hump issue is taken by the Technopark authorities and they took necessery actions to reduce the height of the deadly hump. Thanks a lot Technopark!!!

TechnoparkLive! reported yesterday about the newly built Giant Hump near the water tank.

Destruction in progress...

New hump experiment in Technopark

That new hump near water tank came up on last Monday, with the intention of checking speeding of vehicles.Good, but the place is not properly lit, and the stripe painting on the hump can be mistaken to be a pedestrian crossing at night.Several car drivers had their car-jumping skills tested, and a bike (driver saw the new ‘bulge’ too late) was thrown off at 9:30 P.M on Monday itself.

The driver of the bike was knocked off unconscious, and taken to the hospital in the technopark ambulance. (latest status not known)

Speeding vehicles need to be checked, but not by putting crude ‘mountains’ on unlit roads without any sign-boards, or with proper e-mail communication to the companies in Technopark.It’s easy to dismiss this saying the drivers need to be careful, but the ‘skulls’ who put this should not play with the lives of people here.

If only the so-called guardians of traffic show the same interest as ‘shouting at drivers’ in posting a traffic regulator there, we could save some precious lives.The traffic regulator, if posted at the spot, could at least warn the drivers until lights/signboards are in place.

Technopark authorities introduced a couple of new rules in technopark, including the entry restrictions in bhavani portico.

(news courtesy : Jino John)

Technopark Club Tournament - 2008 Announced

Technopark Club is conducting tournaments for professionals working in Technopark. It starts from July first week. Last date for Registration is 30th June 2008.




Non Member

Shuttle – Singles

Rs. 150/-

Rs. 200/-

Shuttle – Doubles / Mixed

Rs. 200/-

Rs. 300/-

Table Tennis - Singles

Rs. 150/-

Rs. 200/-

Table Tennis - Doubles

Rs. 200/-

Rs. 300/-


Rs. 150/-

Rs. 200/-

Caroms / Chess

Rs. 150/-

Rs. 200/-


Rs. 300/-

Rs. 500/-

Throw ball (Ladies only)

Rs. 300/-

Rs. 500/-

Tug of War

Rs. 300/-

Rs. 500/-

Floral Decoration

Rs. 200/-

For more details contact Club House Office at 0471-2700989, +91 9446487788 or write to,

Rush your entries

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Infosys campus at Technopark Phase II has got final clearance.

Infosys campus at Technopark Phase II has got final clearance from the Ministry of Environment and Forests. The total built-up space will be 1,466,000 sq.ft and the complex will have 9-10,000 employees.Click here to see the Minutes

Infosys Technopark campus updates

(Infosys Cage erection for Piling in progress in their location)

Total 175 Piles have been casted out of the Total of 196 Piles for the First Building ..... The first building is equipped to seat 1750 people.The Work on the Food Court is also started, they will

First Building - 1,60,000 Sq ft - 1750 People
Food Court - 1,50,000 Sq Ft - will have Domino's, Infy Shop, Beauty
saloon, also under ground car park
Second Building - 160,000 Sq Ft - Is a mirror image of First Building

(News courtesy : ajay,sidewinder)

Domino's opened in Technoaprk

Domino's opened its outlet in Food court, tejaswini building, Technopark.

They are offering a wide range of yummy pizzas. it is the only pizza outlet in trivandrum city, other than pizza hut.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tata Elxsi harassing its employees in Technopark?

A recent incident happened in Tata Elxsi proved once again that the IT employees are insecure and highly vulnerable to the violation of human right policies and politics in IT companies.

Very recently an engineer in Tata Elxsi is refused for an immediate relocation from Trivandrum to pune. He got the relocation information,when he joined soon after his marriage. Suddenly the company took its revenge by disabling his workstation access and access to the company premises. Thus he is forced to resign the company. A number of Technopark companies including Tata Elxsi is infamous among the techies because of their employee unfriendly HR policies.

At this point, we need to think about the serious violation of human rights as well employee rights happening in companies within Technopark. We are not supporting that particular employee, but the company could have consider any other engineers working in the same section ( because he is newly wedded, and he has some personal issues for an immediate relocation). That’s why the HR wing is there, they should be responsible to understand the professional as well as personal issues of a particular employee working there.

More or less, similar incidents are happening in various companies within Technopark. But a very few of them are known to us, because the victims are forced to find another job for his survival, and the IT employees are highly disintegrated, so they can’t do anything against the company in case of such serious human rights violations.

Similar incidents are happened earlier too, a few complaints were raised against the company named 'Toroid', about its human right violation policies, and it has got the media attention. And a few officers came to investigate about it. But you know they came along with the company top management. Do you think any single employee is ready to complain against the company in the presence of the senior management? So the total exercise was a hoax. Technopark authorities should take necessary controls to make sure that, no such incidents are happening in future.

Here we are appending a few words from one of the comments by the viewer, it depicts the pathetic situations in some Technopark IT companies.

"The major problem is politics in professional enviroment. The Manger and HR who is having good contact with higher management is hiding all information to higher authorities and threaten their sub-ordinates to work day and night and sat and sunday and at the end of successful completion project the credit goes to bullshit managers"

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