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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Technopark Live - Picture of the day

Car Parking OR No Parking ???

Technopark Food Hunt - 3 ( Techies fav Food courts )

This time, I'm introducing Panjabi North Indian Daba, near techopark.

Panjabi North Indian Daba is situated about 0.5 Km away from technopark main gate. its on the way to Kazhakootam junction. It is a favorite place of north indian people, where almost all of the north indian dishes are being served. It has a very calm atmosphere with a lot of space inside. Peak time will be from 12.45 PM - 2.30 PM. it will be operating from 8.AM - 11.00 PM

How to Reach Panjabi north indian Daba

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Technopark Live - Random Pictures

Lunch Time - Most of the people is going outside for lunch. technopark restaurants are a bit costly & crowded

Another View of Lunch Time Ride

Road side parking -No Space for parking!

Under maintenance

Technopark Main Gate

Giant advertising boards opposite to the technopark, it belongs to builders, technopark companies etc...

Partiality in Bhavani Lifts?

There is four lifts in bhavani building, lift 1&2 is in the East, Lift 3&4 in west.

Tejaswini road maintenance completed

After a series of requests from technopark companies, the Road in front of tejaswini building got maintained. see the piks.

Technopark Food Hunt - 2 ( Techies fav Food courts )

Introducing two more restaurants for the technoparkians. Its hardly 100 meters from technopark main gate( walkable distance). there is a link road( A narrow road which links the NH to another parallel road connecting kulathoor & kazhakkootam) .

1) Garden Gate Restaurant

A descent restaurant with variety of food, ideal for lunch. quality food and services

2) Homely Food ( Unnamed restaurant, no its a house actually )

It is actually a house, where you can enjoy your food with the same taste and comfort( not much)
of your own home. the only constrain is space, its very difficult to accommodate more than 10 people at a time. but the food is so tasty and delicious .

There is no board or other indication for it.

How To Reach There....

Monday, January 28, 2008

Fun@Technopark - Not Found ???

There is no Fun @ Technopark, it seems so....

when i checked Technopark's official site ( ) it gave me following error!

The Fun@Technopark Error !

Technopark authorities and kerala govt is extensively planning and working to attract many companies in to the technopark. then its very shameful for us to keep such a broken links in the official website of technoprak.

Can't we place a better name board for Technopark?

See the name board of Technopark Trivandrum - The First IT park of its kind in India. This board is placed here at the time of inauguration of this park about 15 years before. Technopark expanded many fold today, but still the board is there as it was 15 years before.

Technopark deserves a better name board ...

The Name board of technopark

Technopark Food Hunt - 1 ( North Indian Restaurant)

So many north indian people are working in Technopark. majority of them are in TCS. TCS has a training centre here in trivandrum. other companies are UST Global, Tata Elxsi, IBS and many other companies.

One of the majour concerns of north indian techies is the food. It is very difficult for them to adjust with more spicy south indian preparations. that why many north indian restaurants are opened near by the technopark campus.

one of them is just opposite to the technopark main gate. - SYAMJI restaurant ( see the picture ). you have just to cross the road to reach there. heard that a variety of north indian dishes are available there.

SYAMJI North indian restaurant - just opposite to the technopark main gate.

Restaurants within the technopark ( Buraq, Rangoli & Geethanjali ) serves noth indian meals, but it will be crowded in the lunch time, you have to wait a long in the queue to get your coupon.
so trying out such restaurants near by the technopark campus would be a better choice for them.

I will update soon the list of north indian as well as all other restaurants/hotels/ home(s) near by the campus.

Stay tuned...

Ginger - offers an affordable stay for techies

Here is the Ginger, is a part of Taj group offers an affordable stay for the techies in technopark.
it worth around Rs.1,000/- + taxes for a day. earlier technies and clients had only one option -the technopark guest house*.

Ginger is situated in very near to the technopark main gate, and 50 meters away from the technopark club. Ginger is the best choice for anyone who is looking for a descent stay in an affordable rate.

still many overseas clients are staying in 5 stars in city. but when the dollar gets down, i hope that they will choose the ginger as their next option.

*About Technopark Guest House

Fully air conditioned 10 standard double rooms as well as 2 suite rooms with telephone & television facility, there is a restaurant named Nav Rangoli.

Room Charge /per day
Deluxe Room: Rs 800/- +15%tax
Suite Room: Rs 1500/- +15% tax

Contact Person: Manager Of Reservation
Phone: 0471 2527693, 2527694/2700222-Extension-408