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Saturday, July 26, 2008

UST Global to extend SAM impelementation

UST Global is looking to extend implementation of Microsoft's Software Asset Management (SAM) to its two centers in India as well as global centers in Philippines, Malaysia and Vancouver in Canada.

The company is looking to deploy the solution to its India centers in Kochi and Chennai within the next three to six months. The first round of implementation was started in its Trivandrum centre in November last year and was completed by January 2008.

Remembering Kargil, Operation Vijay and our war Heroes: Tribute paid to our gallant soldiers for war valour!

“When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today!”

Today, July 26, 2008 marks the ninth anniversary of “Operation Vijay” which was engineered to flush out the infiltrators and indigenous militants from Kargil, one of the toughest mountain warfare fought till date. This day, "Kargil Vijay Divas" is being celebrated to pay homage to our soldiers, who laid their lives during the 2 month long conflict from May 26, 1999 to July 26, 1999.

Nine years ago, around this time our valiant Indian Army was battling on the rough, rocky and glacial terrain stretching from Zoji-La Pass to the Siachen Glacier to evict the perfidious aggression in this high altitude sector. However, our Army thwarted this attempt by the intruders to conquer the rugged heights of Kargil. Unfortunately this military campaign to repel the intrusion left about 525 brave men dead and another 1,400 wounded.

Now, today, on this Kargil Vijay Divas,

It’s an occasion to mourn!
It’s an occasion to rejoice!
But it’s also an occasion; a moment of despair and indignation!

For the reason being the authorities concerned have conveniently forgotten the officers and brave jawans who laid down their lives to uphold our nation’s honour and dignity. We totally concur with what the Retd. General V P Malik said, “The martyrs of wars and those who sacrificed their lives in proxy wars are not being given their due.” We also regret for the level of Government support to families of fallen war heroes. It is inadequate and they feel alienated and uncared-for.

How many of us still remember Captain Vikram Batra (Yeh Dil Maange More!), Lieutenant Manoj Kumar Pandey, Grenadier Yogendra Singh Yadav, Lieutenant Saurabh Kalia et al. Captain Vikram Batra, the brave 24-year-old youth who was a Lieutenant at the beginning of the war was later promoted to captain on the battlefield. The man who strove to make it to the Indian Army and died happily on duty for his nation. This Pepsi catchline which Captain Batra told his commander at base camp, later became the catchline for the Kargil war. At last, Operation Vijay saw more than 400 young blood laying down their lives for our nation.

I wonder! What does it take our state, bureaucracy and “babus” to instill a small amount of patriotism and nationalism for commemoration? It is sad, but it is true, for all those brave men, who protected our country by laying down their lives in the Operation Vijay or any other earlier wars, there are no remembrance. Does our country appreciate its son's exemplary valour? It still remains quandary!

Having said that, the grit and determination of our warriors would continue to serve as a beacon not only for the valiant soldiers of our country but also for the generations to come. Their fearlessness and deed stands as a guiding light to believe in the strength and steely resolve of our motherland unequivocally and authoritatively!

For the men who gave their lives today for our safer tomorrow…Valorous Soldiers…
We salute you for laying down your lives for a noble cause - to safeguard our beloved nation!
We salute you for demonstrating that remarkable spirit of patriotism, paramount courage and for offering supreme sacrifices in your lofty struggle for upholding our national pride!

We believe, the time is apposite for remembering the following motto which gets molded into the hearts of hundreds of Gentleman Cadets -

“The safety, honor and welfare of your country come first always and everytime.
The honor, welfare and comfort of the men you command come next.
Your own ease, comfort and safety come last, always and everytime.”

Jai Jawan! Jai Hind!

N.B. At this moment, we would also like to convey a strong message that time has come for us to arise, awake, stand and fight against the evil forces which are trying to create disorder and mayhem. Time has come to be more sensitive, concerned and unite. Time has come for us, the civil society to rise to the occasion and to give a befitting response and riposte to the ones who spread terror in our country. Let’s together spread this message, and fight against these radicals and prowlers!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Technopark firm HBS enters into tie-up with SA firm

Hages Business Solutions (HBS), based at Technopark here, has entered into an agreement with South Africa-based Baitech for jointly marketing and executing SAP projects in South Africa. Addressing a press conference here in this connection, HBS mangaing director K.G. Gopakumar said that the new venture would help HBS in exploring the opportunities in South Africa as well as in places like Kenya and Nigeria. Started three years back, HBS has a number of Indian and foreign companies in its clients list. It had recently entered into an agreement for SAP support with a Kuwaiti firm for their Indian operations

HBS at present has offices in Chennai, Delhi and UK and is plannig to open offices in Mumbai and the the Middle East. The company is targeting to acheive a business of Rs 100 crore by 2011 and would subsequently go for IPO

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Seminar on Technical Communication

The India chapter of the Society for Technical Communication is pleased to announce a one day seminar in Association with University of Kerala for promoting Technical communication as a career option on July 26, 2008.

Department of Communication and Journalism, University of Kerala Kariavattom Campus.

Registration Details:

To confirm your participation, please send a mail to Spot registration will be provided only if seats are available.
Participation is confirmed only if you receive a confirmation mail from Bobby George


09.30 AM : Spot Registration
09.45 AM : Introduction
10.oo AM : "A Career In Technical Writing" A talk by Shankara Shastri Rajanala
10.45 AM : Q&A
11.00 AM : Tea Break
11:15 AM : "Effective Communication" An interactive Session By Ms.Meena Rajagopal
12:00 PM : Q&A

About the sessions :
Session One : "A Career In Technical Writing" - By Shankara Shastri Rajanala
Session Two: "Effective Communication" - By Ms.Meena Rajagopal

VC++/MFC Openings in Nest, Technopark

NeST, Technopark is looking for the candidates with experience in C++ and MFC.

- More than 2 years of experience in C++, MFC
- Excellent object oriented skills
- Good communication skills
- Willing to travel

Please forward your resume to

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Technopark based UST Global to provide IT solutions to US firm Dana

Technopark based IT giant,California-headquartered UST Global, which has a major presence in Kerala's IT industry, in a statement here said the tie-up would help Dana improve its operational efficiencies and lower total cost of ownership.

"Dana needed a stable resource support structure to provide a global delivery framework that could quickly ramp-up, when needed, to handle emerging e-business development requirements," said Bill Umberger, director of IT corporate services for Dana.

Dana is a world leader in the supply of axles, drive shafts, structural, sealing, and thermal-management products.

UST Global is the biggest IT company in kerala, started their operations in techopark in early 90s. they acquired many fortune 500 & fortune 2000 clients in their client list within a short time span, and they showed an aggressive growth during these years. They've got many accreditation's including Gartner's magic quadrant listing this year. Now they have 5,500 employees, more than 3,000 are employed in Kerala itself in their Technopark campus and its Kochi office.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Daylight robbery by auto rickshaw drivers in Technopark

Day light robbery is happening in Technopark now a days by the auto rickshaw drivers near Technopark especially in kazhakootam and karyavatoom autostand. They always demand for double fare for the technopark trips .and they wouldn't shut up till they get what they want. it seems there is nobody to control them. many complaints were registered in the kazhakkotam police station by the technopark employees, but still there is no change in the auto drivers attitude.

People who are financially sound have their own vehicles and they are unaware of what the kazhakoottam autorickshaw drivers are demanding from a passenger for a single trip from kazhakootam to technopark.

It’s barely 2 kms from kazhakootam to technopark (bhavani). For a normal trip they can charge only a max of Rs.20/- for 2 kms. But here in kazhakootam the story is entirely different. They are charging a min of Rs.30/- and a max of Rs.60/-. This is intolerable as far as a normal person is concerned.

Things will become more worse when the female employees are traveling in auto.If they find that the passenger is a girl then they start demanding for more money. And if the girl is not ready to pay the amount, then God only knows what all Malayalam bad words she is going to hear from that person for that moment.

Because of the Technopark, the auto ppl getting more and frequent trips, literally hundrads of technoparkians are commuting daily in this manner. female employees and north indian ppl are the main preys of this rude auto drivers. Only Technopark authorities and Kazhakkootam police joinlty can do something to stop it, a better solution is to provide a pay in advance ( fixed fare ) auto stand, then only we can put an end for this daylight robbery.

UPDATE : Thanks for the overwhelming response from the readers and valuable comments. many of them suggested various ways to prevent this robbery. like if any auto driver demand more money and quarrel with you, just give money and note down the registration number. and you can file a complaint to the kazhakootam police station, and online as well. here is the web link of trivandrum city police : or register your complaint at 0471-2469223-RTO Trivandrum. Also make others aware about it. please pass this information to all of your friends in technopark.

Related News : Rape attempt on Software Engineer by an auto driver

It happened a few months back, A software engineer escaped a rape attempt by an Auto driver last week in Trivandrum. The techie who missed her morning company bus had taken an auto for Technopark from her hostel in the city. She was taken to a secluded place and an attempt was made to rape and when that failed, to rob her by the Auto driver and his friend who joined them en route.

The employee of the leading Software Company in Technopark realized that the auto driver was taking her elsewhere. “When asked, he said it’s a different route as there was some deviation on the main road. Later he stopped in some weird location and tried to pull my dress and attacked me. When I jumped out, he pulled my chain… it broke but luckily fell in my hand and then I ran. Somehow I got back home. I couldn’t have gone to office in those torn clothes”, says this girl who’s lucky to have got away with just bruises on her face, neck and hands.

This Techie from Chennai who has been in Trivandrum for a year has no clue about the place nor could she write down the vehicle number. The senior management has taken it up with the City Police Commissioner but it’s going to be difficult task to nab the culprits in the absence of details.

Most companies in Technopark ply a single bus trip to office in the morning, unlike other cities where there are multiple trips. If one misses the bus, its difficult reaching office as local bus connectivity is poor. “We have no option but to pay up the exorbitant rates demanded by auto drivers. Not to say the risk we take by getting into an Auto”, says Gopika* who works in Infosys. The auto drivers ask for a fare in excess of double meter reading for a trip to Technopark.

There have been similar incidents of harassment and molestation of Software Engineers by Auto drivers in Trivandrum in the recent past. This brings up the safety issue of Technopark employees. Meanwhile, this Techie who had joined this company as a fresher has put in her papers as she’s had enough of Trivandrum.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Movicamp 2008 in Technopark

Amvizone is conducting a movie camp in technopark on 27th july. they are the first online community to encourage and enhance the talents of amateur movie makers. they recently celebrated 1,00,000th hit for one of their movie clips. and they are in the process of making a a series of short movies.

So,if you think you are a talented director, or an aspirant, this is a golden opportunity,walk in to the movicamp 2008.

Fore more details visit :

Technopark - Snake At Work?

See an unexpected visitor at workplace.. this video is published in YouTube.