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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kingfisher adopts IBS’ cargo solution

Technopark-based IT solution provider IBS’ cargo solutions have made their successful entry into the air cargo industry in the country with Kingfisher Airlines becoming the first user of their iCargoNet worldwide.

The airline has started using IBS’ iCargoNet, a Software as a Service (SaaS) version of IBS’ airline Cargo Management System (CMS), iCargoGold.

It manages the cargo business of the airline from planning, sales, operations, ground handling to cargo revenue accounting and revenue optimisation functions in an integrated and cost-effective manner.

The implementation comes at a time when Kingfisher Airlines is seeking to grow its cargo business in the domestic market while optimizing its cost of operations.

Chairman & CEO, IBS Group, V.K. Mathews, in a release here said, “We can proudly claim to have fulfilled our vision by becoming a one-stop-shop for airline cargo solutions.” The IBS has plans to take the solution to more players in the air cargo industry within the country and outside

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Infosys-Sanjeevani - Make a difference…to an underprivileged life

THEATRE is a Infosys-Sanjeevani event which aims at spreading awareness about the lives of the underprivileged & how we can change them. In Theater, teams will perform street plays (a street play is a skit performed on a street or some public place by artists usually dressed in uniform costumes) showcasing their ideas about the topic. The plays should be tailored to instill awareness in the audience. Teams are encouraged to think creatively and innovatively to portray their ideas on the theme “Make a difference … an underprivileged life.” You may consult the organizing committee with any doubts that you may have and also on the appropriateness of your scripts..

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37 Tips for Techies, For a better life.

HSBC Gundaism - Engineer manhandled and threatened in Technopark

HSBC gets good business from Technopark. Their employees and agents roam around Technopark and get more business than any other credit card company. But some bitter experiences with HDFC makes one cautious of HSBC and its employees.

This is an incident which involved Mr.Arun, a software engineer working in Technopark. If you are a Credit card holder, please read on. It can happen to you too

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Technopark is tightening security.

A few days back technoparktoday reported security threats in technopark( The post was forwaded to many corporate management officials and the Technopark Authority as well. It is really goot to see that Technopark has taken that issue very seriously and that they are taking measures to tighten security. Here is the reply from the Technopark Authority

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The Myth : A film made by IT professionals in TechnoPark

A film, The Myth, created history in art and entertainment industry, the first ever full length movie made by IT professionals from Technopark. A couple of talented IT professionals from SunTec are behind this amazing achievement.

The story line

A journalist finds secrets of a famous temple in the capital city of Kerala. He starts publishing this story in some news papers and catches the public attention. But before the secret completely unfolds, the journalist is killed and the secrets stolen.

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