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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chilli baji from Technopark Restaurant

Sherston is closing down its Technopark operations?

Sherston India was started in June 2000 with a small team of seven at Chennai. Proven with excellence and creativity, Sherston India has grown to a current work force of more than 100 with a second office in Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram, equipped with latest diversified technologies and a harmonious team. With a strong team of multimedia, design and programming experts, Sherston, India, is geared to provide cutting edge solutions in the educational software and Computer Based Training.

Its being reported that the Shertson is about to close down its technopark operations and continue its chennai its technopark employees are seeking for opportunities within technopark and companies outside.

As a company Sherston Technopark proved many times their unity and creativity, the best examples are their presence in Tech a break celebrations. they proved the celebrations can be made much colorful and creative. We hope they will comeback in to their glory soon, and thus in to technopark again.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Petrol theft in Technopark?

Please find the mail circulated by a technopark employee. Please be alert.

Dear All,

On friday evening when I took out my car from Technopark I noticed that fuel level was nil. Surprisingly that morning I had put in Rs 500 worth of Petrol.

First I thought that fuel meter had some problem but the car stopped immediately as I crossed the back gate .

I rang up popular service and they send across a person .He showed me that the tube connecting to the fuel tank was disconnected.

Further I learned from him that the person whoever did was a real expert as this tube is clipped to the filter and when we looked at it the clip was removed and was slipped up the tube.

earlier also we reported many fuel theft incidents near the Nila building, especially from the bikes of employees working in night shifts. technopark deployed many securities in parking areas and all, but still the theft continues, and more such incidents are being reported daily.