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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chilli baji from Technopark Restaurant


Anonymous said...

Could you also mention from which restaurant this bhajji was served?

scorpiogenius said...


Disgusting man! This is appaling!
Who the bloody @#$*%$& are doing this? those bunch of pimps must be forced into eating this..

Anonymous said...

u can even see pieces of chicken in veg curries at a restaurant there.. :|

Anonymous said...

This was distributed as the evening snacks to a company in Technopark.. However the management has strict measures. See the response from the management below..
Dear All

We deeply regret the incident related to the discovery of a worm in the Chilly Bajji (Evening Snacks) on 08 Jul 08.

We have taken this incident very seriously and had summoned the Vendor for an explanation. The vendor has apologised and assured us that in future utmost care will be taken to ensure a high degree of hygiene and quality of their food supplied to << company name removed>>.

Despite of all precautions, there is a likelihood of worms being
present inside items like chilly, cauliflower and brinjal which are
usually uncut for making bajji items. Therefore, we have removed such items from the snacks menu permanently.

The following actions have been taken against the vendor :-

(a) Imposed a penalty for Rs 3000/- towards the cost of snacks
supplied on 8th Jul 08.
(b) Suspended this vendor's supply of snacks items for next three months
(c) Obtained written explanation/apology letter from the vendor

We will try our best to ensure supply of hygienic and good quality
snacks in future.

Please feel free to bring such incidents to the notice of the administration department.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

what the FUC**********???

I am sure this is from Rangoli the filthiest restaurant in town. owned by a filthy A**. Recently, the NILA administration told the owner "If you wanna run a TEASHOP in campus, run it properly"
Well this is simply worse than a teashop.
How come these restaurants continue to exist??? PPL out there stop eating from there you opportunist hypocrites. Spend a bit more eat better.
YUCK i just puked my breakfast.