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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ghost in Technopark?

It is an experience of a Technopark employee who traveled through the Technopark back gate road( university campus road), explained a very strange experience.

this is what she said to technoparktoday.

“I am working in a private firm in technopark. due to some work yesterday, i was held back and delayed my return to home.

around 9:30pm, i started from office in my scooter and was passing through the back entrance road (karyavatom - thripadapuram road) i chose this road b’cos this was recently tarred and a better, smooth road and i was afraid of taking the kazhakootam road due to fear of hooligan activities recently.

as soon as i passed out of the back entrance, a jeep hurried across me from the opposite side and applied a sudden break. lukily i maintained my balance and was not thrown out of my scooty.

when i crossed the first hump in the road itself, the current wen tout and it was completely dark. there were no lights from the nearby houses and the silence marred the cloudy atmosphere which even more added to the fiery nite. the little light in my scooty helped me propel to my target. i accelerated my vehicle. suddenly i noticed something moving in front of me some meters far somewhat near to the right turn in the road. i applied the breaks of my vehicle as it turned out to be a completely strange thing. it had the height of 2 persons mounted to each other and was fatter than a normal person. a dark blanket covered the whole ‘thing’ and it was moving (floating) towards the university road. as soon as the thing went out of sight, i rushed with my vehicle with a little life in my body.

later i explained this shocking story to family but they wont believe..”

What you think? still we can argue that its 21 century, digital world. but how can we neglect the real life incednts and experiences by many folks? this is not the first time we are hearing about such experiences in technopark back gate.As many people says,Karyavattom Campus road is a haunted place, that area is said to be a physically sensitive place, as described in history.

Read the Malayala Manorama’s Special article about the Ghosts in Karyavattom campus

Thursday, July 31, 2008

IBS Technopark bagged japan based Nippon cargo airlines deal

Technopark based IBS Software Services, providers of IT solutions to the travel, transportation and logistics industry, said that its next-generation Cargo Management System, iCargo, has gone live with Japan’s Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA).iCargo is a cargo management system that provides web-enabled features that offer better product distribution.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monsson Offer in Baskin Robbins, Technopark

Baskin Robbins Technopark informed us about their special monsoon offer!.

visit BASKIN ROBBINS outlet at Technopark on 31’st july and get a discount of 31% for the purchase!!!

for details, contact
Technomall, Technopark.
Phone : 0471 3042001

Walk-in Interview

UST Global conducting a walk in interview on Saturday, August 02, 2008 in Trivandrum and Cochin for Java developers.

Time: 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
Location; Trivandrum & Cochin office

Skill set required:

Java developer
· Good knowledge in Java/JEE
· Experienced in Web Development (JSP, Servlets, HTML,CSS)
· Good knowledge in Struts/Spring/ Hibernate

Senior Java developer/Technical lead
· Good knowledge in Java/JEE
· Experienced in Web Development (JSP, Servlets, HTML,CSS)
· Good knowledge in Struts/Spring/ Hibernate
· Experience in analysis and design of Java/JEE application using OOAD/ UML
· Well acquainted with design patterns
· In-depth knowledge of XML and Web services
· Well acquainted with application server (WebSphere/WebLogic)

Exp: 3 + with excellent communication & Presentation skills

Work location: Trivandrum, Cochin

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Technopark needs to be vigil upon terrorist attacks?

In the scene of series of attacks happened during the past 2 days, the fear is still in the air.Being the major IT destination in kerala, Technopark Trivandrum is also one of the potential target of the terrorists. More than 15,000 IT professionals are working here, and the security measures are not up to the mark to effectively protect any of such incidents that may happen.

Yesterday’s attack in Bangalore was targeted to the IT companies, Being the IT capital of India, any such attack will lead to the total insecurity for the professionals and IT companies. One of the major employment providers in the country is the IT industry . So any attack targeted to the IT industry cause an insecurity feeling among the youngsters in the country.

Come back to Technopark, Its situated apparently in a remote location, and no security measures are deployed to protect the employees from any such threats, other than the vehicle pass checking by the group4 securities in its main entrances. Anybody can forge such a sticker and put in the vehicles, so it cannot be considered as an effective way. And they are writing down the registration numbers of every vehicle, entering and leaving the technopark. As an icon of Information Technology and related services Technopark is still in the stone age in its security related aspects.

Anybody can enter in to the technopark premises easily. It is found that the mobile and credit card representatives are intruding to the technopark premises without any proof or identification. They normally take a lift from a few hundred meters away from the technopark gate. The securities will never mind if the driver has the identity tag. So anybody can easily enter in to the technopark and they can easily override all the security facilities there. Technopark employed dozens of security persons, but all of them are busy to quarrel with people, who miserably looking for a space to park their vehicles.

So it is a high time to seriously think about the security in technopark. The digital surveillance cameras and related security equipments are easily available in the market. at least they can install a few such cameras in various locations within the campus ,within the buildings and its lifts, 15,000 employees are not a small crowd, if something happened, the outcome will be much worse than what we can imagine now.

If you found any suspicious incidents/person, please inform Police Crime Stopper Cell/Police Helpline

Police Help Line# : 3243000, 3244000, 3245000
Trivandrum City: 2320579, 2727500, 9447715599
Trivandrum Rural : 2315803, 2741545, 9447115601.