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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Technopark needs to be vigil upon terrorist attacks?

In the scene of series of attacks happened during the past 2 days, the fear is still in the air.Being the major IT destination in kerala, Technopark Trivandrum is also one of the potential target of the terrorists. More than 15,000 IT professionals are working here, and the security measures are not up to the mark to effectively protect any of such incidents that may happen.

Yesterday’s attack in Bangalore was targeted to the IT companies, Being the IT capital of India, any such attack will lead to the total insecurity for the professionals and IT companies. One of the major employment providers in the country is the IT industry . So any attack targeted to the IT industry cause an insecurity feeling among the youngsters in the country.

Come back to Technopark, Its situated apparently in a remote location, and no security measures are deployed to protect the employees from any such threats, other than the vehicle pass checking by the group4 securities in its main entrances. Anybody can forge such a sticker and put in the vehicles, so it cannot be considered as an effective way. And they are writing down the registration numbers of every vehicle, entering and leaving the technopark. As an icon of Information Technology and related services Technopark is still in the stone age in its security related aspects.

Anybody can enter in to the technopark premises easily. It is found that the mobile and credit card representatives are intruding to the technopark premises without any proof or identification. They normally take a lift from a few hundred meters away from the technopark gate. The securities will never mind if the driver has the identity tag. So anybody can easily enter in to the technopark and they can easily override all the security facilities there. Technopark employed dozens of security persons, but all of them are busy to quarrel with people, who miserably looking for a space to park their vehicles.

So it is a high time to seriously think about the security in technopark. The digital surveillance cameras and related security equipments are easily available in the market. at least they can install a few such cameras in various locations within the campus ,within the buildings and its lifts, 15,000 employees are not a small crowd, if something happened, the outcome will be much worse than what we can imagine now.

If you found any suspicious incidents/person, please inform Police Crime Stopper Cell/Police Helpline

Police Help Line# : 3243000, 3244000, 3245000
Trivandrum City: 2320579, 2727500, 9447715599
Trivandrum Rural : 2315803, 2741545, 9447115601.


kiran said...

it is a shocking report. technopark is more vulnerable to such attacks. authorities should take controls to deploy good security equipments and processes in technopark

AjayP said...

lol a virus attack should do more damage to TP than a bomb attack. the infrastructure in tP is not worth a bomb!

Arun B.Nair said...

I do agree that the security measures adopted by Group 4 securities are not only inadequate but also inapt! I find their security measures obnoxious at times, and I even wonder if they are even trained and armed to combat not only militant insurgency but even a simple robbery attack.

They don't have any modern security surveillance equipments like the ones used by CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) which is a paramilitary organization formed by Ministry of Home Affairs to safeguard Central Govt' Installations including the highly sensitive BARC, ISRO, Airports etc.

The center is ready to extend the services of CISF to State Govt' installations but then CISF is costly (nothing good comes cheap) secondly sadistic lobbies n cheap politics are a hindrance to such initiatives. I still remember when CISF was asked to take over the security of Kerala State Highway, (They are trained not only in combat, security, fire, even chemical & biological warfare but also in advanced first aid which would have really helped highway accident victims). But then state govt’ bowed down to the state police's pressure as giving up highway would have meant a loss of income (read: bribe during routine road checking by the state cops) and also CISF unlike other security agencies has the right to law enforcement which literally means they can book, levy charges and file cases against person if needs on behalf of the govt’, this is a direct hit below the belt for the state cops who have the monopoly over this.

Hmm... In any case I really don’t think I can change the state of affairs of Kerala. But I would like to conclude by saying that if the park center management is really serious about the safety of the employees and the security of its infrastructure it has to take stringent and solid strides towards making sure of trusting the T-park in safe hands of a professional security agency. And I request every park member to maintain their presence of mind and not to panic by these news bits of terror threats doing round!

Arun B Nair:
Team Arun’s

Ajaypp said...

When we are bellyaching about the State of affairs with respect to security, we should also remember the context. Security in cities like Bangalore and Chennai are even more lax than in Trivandrum, and major IT parks there are no better off. The best I have seen there is the conduct of undervehicle inspections and the use of door frame metal detectors.

There has to be a balance between security and privacy. I am pretty sure every one of us would be up in arms if each and every employee was frisked and their vehicles searched on their way into Technopark. Body searches, x-rays and sniffer dogs are the only true detection methodologies for explosives, since bombs carry much less metal than most of our cell-phones. All of us have seen the chaos caused at Airports' security checks. Now imagine 20,000 people needing to be examined in just an hour or so. Even with security checks at each building, it would cause utter chaos. And yes, the CISF conducts the checks at the Airports, so they are not ultra-efficient either.

The ideal security mix for Technopark, the IT hub of Kerala, is a mix of access control (perhaps incorporating RFID technology for people and vehicles), improved police patrolling, surveillance cameras and other non-intrusive measures.

Draconian security is easy to talk about but usually difficult to implement and eventually becomes the source of a lot of resentment. Let's be careful what we wish for.


chals said...

Everything good thing is difficult to be achieved. If we try only we can achieve the effective security, so that our lives will be safe.

Come on ghuys we are paying such huge tax for these things. The government is not giving any infrastructure, atleast they should be able to protect our lives.

This government (communist government) knows only to blame somebody and doesn't know to rule and execute.

i believe you guys have read one of the minister telling that the 7th class book is a consipracy created by U S. And you guys might have heard the communist leader's speach on strike by UDF as violent. Look who is talking. How stupid and idiotic things they are telling

I garee with arun as the state police is no good against even robberies in technopark area. Or may they don't want to be effective.

Anonymous said...

yeah it is true, technopark ppl ( especially non keralites )are attacked by locals, and they had lost their mobile, money etc..

They complained it to technopark authorities and police. no actions took so far.

what charls said is right, the govt is levying huge tax from IT professionals and not providing even basic infrastructures.

Anonymous said...

The police is also keeping a tight vigil over Technopark, following the fear that the terrorists would target IT centres. The Anti-Sabotage Cell was pressed into operation at Technopark. Kazhakkoottam police said that they had deployed four police units especially for Technopark

chals said...

We are lucky, the bomb didn't explode here first. All this vigilance is after 2 bomb attacks and a few a telephone calls. Till then everbody was cool cool aaha.
I think some body should be giving atleast fake phone calls to authorities about bombs time to time, so that they will be vigilant.

About the tax. Kerala govt after they came to power has increased the tax on aparment to 15%. What are they providing for that. Isn't it the same robbery that East India Company done to people. Isn't it the same robbery the local rulers done there people, for which Communists group was created.
So these people are the actual robbers who is taking our money in terms of taxes

Arun said...

Lets talk about TP infrastructure on another page.
Talking about security, first qn is "how long are these checks gonna last and to please whom?"

On Monday, while walking to "california" via the back gate, the security guy there was sleeping in his chair. Union workers walked freely in and out. No checks on them? Or just a blue/red shirt and lungi makes you bomb-free?

Security is POOR when compared to other IT parks. It is indeed true that Park Center provides Pathetic infrastructure for the taxes and rents paid here.

Security should be outsourced to professional agencies. Most security personnel here are from the local union workers pool. Group 4 security is hardly seen in one or two buildings. The majority of security personnel are rude and unprofessional.

And checking tags is no big deal. Many of us still have access to tags of previous employers and it is not too hard for one to create a new one.

Benches are laid out amongst the greenery for the Union workers, bank and insurance sales guys.

Doesn't Matter said...

I would think let us not worry. Compared to the companies in Infopark and Kochi, Technopark has only 1-2 national level players like Infy that too with a small presence.
The threat is minimal when you think that Kochi has big players like TCS, Wipro, CTS apart from major industries.

So, people have a nice and safe day.

ekh said...

but when it comes to the workforce, technopark is the biggest.any such attacks can make more harm in technopark than in any IT centers in cochin.

param said...

i think there are locations and industries of much greater significance and strategic importance in other parts of kerala than technopark. please leave technopark alone. we need some green cover.