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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Nila Car Parking

Car Parking in Nila. It is a good job from the side of technopark authorities, that they provided more space for the NILA car parking. but the car parking facilities around bhavani and Tejaswini are really pathetic.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008

technoparkLive! - Picture of the day - Bhavani, Technopark

Bhavani Building, Technopark ( it is considered as the most beautiful building in technopark campus( see the poll ) , built by L&T )

picture courtesy : ajay

technoparkLive! - Random picture

Technopark Rainbow ( picture courtesy : Ajay & VKV)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

IBS Campus in Technopark

IBS Software is constructing a 450,000 sq ft. (42,000 sq m.) office on 5 acres (0.02 sq km.) of land.

This is the first phase of IBS campus inaugurated on October 23, 2007

Technopark Infrastructure - an overview


There are currently about a dozen buildings inside the Technopark campus intended for software development. Seven of the buildings in Technopark are named after rivers in Kerala—the Pamba, the Periyar, the Nila, the Chandragiri, the Gayathri, Bhavani and the Thejaswini. The seventh building is named Thejaswini and was commissioned in February 2007, with over 600,000 sq ft. (60,000 sq m.) of carpet area. There are also independent buildings of private enterprises such as TCS, M-Square, IVL, NEST, IBS, Leela Group and others inside the Phase I campus. These buildings aggregate to a total of about 3.5 million sq ft. (350,000 sq m.) of space, either complete or under construction.

Key parameters of buildings in Technopark


Number of floors

Total area
(in thousand sq ft)

Number of lifts

Generator backup




































TCS Peepul Park

4 to 5




IBS Campus

4 to 10




Leela Info Park





N/A indicates no information available

10 sq ft.=~1 sq m.

Other buildings in the campus include:

Park Centre: The administrative headquarters of Technopark.

Technopark Club: Includes a gym, swimming pool, restaurant and sporting facilities.

Techno-Mall: A multi purpose shopping complex.

Ginger: A 100 room business class hotel set up by the Taj Group of hotels as part of its Ginger brand.

Technopark guesthouse.

Other privately constructed buildings, including those of firms like M-Square and Amstor.


Acres of Land


40 Acres


5 Acres

Tata Elxsi

3 Acres

Dataware Design Labs

0.95 Acre

Case Consult

1.0 Acre

M Squared Software

2.00 Acre

Sea View Support

0.70 Acre


2.10 Acres


0.80 Acre


2.6 Acres

Root Corporation

1.00 Acres

Expansion of Technopark and New Projects

Phase II

Technopark has acquired 86 acres (0.35 sq km.) of land, for its Phase II expansion.

* Out of this, 50 acres (0.2 sq km.) has been earmarked for Infosys and 36 acres (0.15 sq km.) for UST Global.[16]

o Infosys is planning to create up to 2.5 million sq ft. (233,000 sq m.) of space to accommodate up to 15,000 professionals in the end. It plans to set up 600,000 sq ft. (56,000 sq m.) in the first phase.[17]

o UST Global is setting up a 1,600,000 sq ft (149,000 m²). campus to be complete by 2011. 600,000 sq ft (56,000 m²). of space will be complete by January 2009.[18] Work on the campus was launched on October 24, 2007.[19]

* Tata Consultancy Services has been allotted 25 acres (0.1 sq km.) within the campus for their software development centre.[20] This is in addition to the 14 acres of land allotted to them for setting up their new training centre—Peepul Park.

* IBS Software is constructing a 450,000 sq ft. (42,000 sq m.) office on 5 acres (0.02 sq km.) of land.[21] The first phase of the campus was inaugurated on October 23, 2007.[22]

IBS Campus perspective

IBS Campus perspective

* Tata Elxsi Limited which is the product design arm of the US$14 billion Tata Group, has also taken 3.5 acres (0.01 sq km.) to build its state of the art design and development Centre. The first phase of the campus has been commissioned on September 7, 2007.[23]

* The NEST group has also been allocated land to build a Development Centre, on which work has started.

Phase III

Technopark has almost completed acquisition of 100 acres (0.4 sq km.) of land for Phase III expansion. Firms like Larsen & Toubro and the Rahejas are planning major developments within and around Technopark as well. L&T has already announced its plans to set up a 35 acre (0.15 sq km.) hybrid IT-and-residential park as part of Technopark Phase III.[4][24] Patni Computer Systems has already announced that it will set up a Rs 150 Crore ($US 32 Million) Development Centre in Phase III.[25]

The IInd and IIIrd phase of expansion of Technopark along with the ramping up of operations of the existing IT units are expected to see an investment of around Rs. 1000 Crore ($US 218 Million) and an additional employment creation of 35,000.

Phase IV expansion

The Phase IV of Technopark is also referred to as the Technocity project. It involves a mixed use—IT, biotechnology, nanotechnology, commercial and residential development spread over 500 acres (2 sq km.) of land, about 5 km (1.6 miles) from the present campus. This land is currently being acquired. It will be a self contained IT township with the potential to employ a hundred thousand professionals.[26][27] The expected investment in the project is around Rs 6,000 Crores (Over US$ 1.5 Billion), as per latest estimates.[28]

Once Technocity's land acquisition is complete, Technopark will have an extent of close to 850 acres (3.5 sq km.), making it one of India's largest IT satellite townships, in geographic area, comparable to that of projects like the Mahindra World City in Chennai.

Special Economic Zones in Technopark

There are three Special Economic Zones (SEZs) inside Technopark encompassing Phases I, II and III.[29] Phase IV will also become an SEZ once land acquisition is completed. This provides a range of attractive economic benefits to the companies operating within Technopark

(information courtesy : wikipedia, the hindu,, etc...)

Update on Infosys Campus

Piling equipment has arrived at the site of the 1.5 million sq.ft campus. Additional equipment is getting unloaded. Consolidated Construction Consortium Ltd of Chennai is building the campus for Infosys Technologies ( courtesy : Ajay Kumar )

Technopark - An old video from Nila

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

technoparkLive! - Picture of the Day

Upcoming UST Global Campus

Upcoming UST Global Campus

US Technology Builds a Green Campus
The first new, eco-balanced campus will be built in Trivandrum, India and will showcase the extent of the company’s commitment to "green". Care is being taken in the layout of the buildings to utilize natural light while sunscreens reduce the need for air conditioning through efficient sun insulation. The buildings are being placed to benefit from natural wind patterns. Almost all of the parking will be subterranean, allowing for more native grasses, plants and trees in open areas. A half-acre park and jogging path will be created for exercise and relaxation.

Hydrology studies are underway to determine how to best utilize the natural water flow through the campus. Budget has been set for a water purification plant to filter water, capture rain water and reclaim grey water from the campus grounds. All sewerage will be pretreated prior to being expelled from the campus grounds. Studies are being performed to look at efficiencies through insulation and solar power generation

Monday, February 25, 2008

technoparkLive! picture of the day

Technopark Club House ( picture courtesy : nishanth paul, )

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tech-A-Break 2008 Announced !

Technopark announced the Tech-A-Break 2008 - the annual cultural celebration of technopark.

The festival will commence on 18th April and culminate on 27th April with a musical extravaganza, that should blow the socks off even last year's celebrations

Spread over a week, we have a variety of celebrations starting with a colorful inaugural rally and inter company music, dance and sport competitions concerts, quiz & a mega closing event.

Technopark, Trivandrum is one of Asia's finest technology parks, is celebrating its 12th year of formal existence. Spread over a sprawling 242 acre campus, TECHNOPARK today boasts 140 internationally reputed companies with over 17500 highly paid IT professionals

For more details about the tech-a-break event and clarifications, contact:

Mr. M Vasudevan
Sr. Manager ( Bus. Devp.)
Park Centre
Technopark Campus
Phone : +91-471-2700222


Rockshow - A Stunning performance by The CaliCode in coffee beenz - Technopark

It was really a stunning performance by 'The CaliCode' a very famous rock band from kerala.
At an invitation-only show on today(Feb-24, Sunday ), a swarm of techies rushed the stage at the first sight of the singer, a guitar-strumming famous number 'Hotel California'. melodious and cheeky, the show celebrates all manner of music making, be it surfer rock, Delta blues or zesty zydeco.

More pictures and videos will publish soon in technoparkLive!.