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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Upcoming UST Global Campus

Upcoming UST Global Campus

US Technology Builds a Green Campus
The first new, eco-balanced campus will be built in Trivandrum, India and will showcase the extent of the company’s commitment to "green". Care is being taken in the layout of the buildings to utilize natural light while sunscreens reduce the need for air conditioning through efficient sun insulation. The buildings are being placed to benefit from natural wind patterns. Almost all of the parking will be subterranean, allowing for more native grasses, plants and trees in open areas. A half-acre park and jogging path will be created for exercise and relaxation.

Hydrology studies are underway to determine how to best utilize the natural water flow through the campus. Budget has been set for a water purification plant to filter water, capture rain water and reclaim grey water from the campus grounds. All sewerage will be pretreated prior to being expelled from the campus grounds. Studies are being performed to look at efficiencies through insulation and solar power generation

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