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Thursday, June 12, 2008

New traffic regulations in Bhavani building, Technopark

1. All private vehicles conveying Bhavani building staff will stop at the BUS BAY marked in front of Thejeswani building. No vehicles will enter the portico of Bhavani building or stop in front of the Bus stop adjacent to Park centre.

2. Hereafter the Bhavani portico will be used by CEOs & Guest vehicles only.

3. All the vehicles used by various company staff will come in through the level gate of Bhavani opposite to Thejeswani main entrance for parking and go out through the same gate where sufficient arrangements for IN & OUT going vehicles have been made.

4. Two wheelers should park in the parking slots already marked for 2 wheelers.

5. The IN & OUT going two wheelers should obey the traffic rules and guidance of the Security guards.

6. All Three wheelers should stop at the Bus Bay area and not enter the portico of Bhavani building.

7. All company cabs will stop in front of Bhavani where it is marked for them only. They will not enter the portico.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Technopark Joke

One of the technopark companies didn't gave any hike to its project managers this time - why?
Kerala Govt Banned "Nokku Kooli"

- Submitted by A.R.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mega blood donation camp in Technopark

As part of World Blood Donors Day Celebrations, a mega Blood Donation Camp is being organized at Park Center, Technopark on 13th June 2008.

Time: 10.00 am to 02.00pm.

If you donate money you give food, but if you donate Blood you give a Life.

There is no substitute for human blood. When you donate blood, you actually bring a smile to many lives. According to a survey, in every three seconds, someone in the world needs blood transfusion. But this tremendous demand for blood is not taken care of even by the hospitals and blood banks. Records say that about 60% of the population is eligible to donate blood, however only a small fraction of less than 5% volunteer for this cause.

Lets make our community a safer and lively place by donating blood for a noble cause.

No doubt, both males and females can donate blood. But the frequency and time of donating blood vary from person to person. In general, Males can donate blood every 3 months and Females can donate blood every 4 months.

Blood donation hardly makes a difference in terms of health of the donor, but it certainly makes a difference in the life of a patient.

TechnoparkLive! invites all of you to be a part of this noble mission.

A new development strategy for Technocity, Trivandrum

Kerala Govt has decided to adopt a multiple-developer strategy for setting up the 500-acre Technocity IT township near Pallipuram, Trivandrum

Working with multiple developers will make it possible to spread the risks associated with the project and will also encourage healthy competition among the developers, This approach will help ensure that the entire project is not held up if one developer runs into any delays.The investment in land and basic infrastructure alone is expected to be around Rs 1,500 crore, Dr Ajay Kumar said. When completed, the Technocity is expected to employ around 1.5 lakh people in the IT and ITES sectors, he added. The space used by the IT and ITES companies will have special economic zone status.

According to the project’s master plan that is being finalised, developers can bid for parcels of land based on their requirements, . Currently, the plan is to offer parcels of land that are smaller than 50 acres; parcels that vary in size from 50 to 100 acres; and parcels of land that are more than 100 acres

Around 50 acres of land in Technocity will be retained for the expansion of the existing Technopark,. This land will be developed with the model used to develop Technopark

Land in Technocity has also been set aside for residential purposes, an education hub and a commercial zone with hotels, multiplexes and other retail space. Approximately 25 acres has been earmarked for social amenities such as a hospital and a club.

Common infrastructure for the project will be developed by the Kerala State Information Technology Infrastructure Ltd. This company will also form special purpose vehicles (SPV) with each of the selected developers and will have a stake of up to 26 per cent in each such SPV.

Kerala State IT Infrastructure Ltd is currently acquiring land for Technocity and is also evaluating potential developers through a ‘request for qualification’ process.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Technopark - A role model for work culture

A day-long strike called by Left parties against the central government's fuel price hike paralyzed normal life in all cities, but the strike did not affect the software units in the IT parks. Companies in Technopark operated vehicles with police escorts. All the companies were worked on that day.This is the model which can be followed by other industries as well.