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Thursday, June 12, 2008

New traffic regulations in Bhavani building, Technopark

1. All private vehicles conveying Bhavani building staff will stop at the BUS BAY marked in front of Thejeswani building. No vehicles will enter the portico of Bhavani building or stop in front of the Bus stop adjacent to Park centre.

2. Hereafter the Bhavani portico will be used by CEOs & Guest vehicles only.

3. All the vehicles used by various company staff will come in through the level gate of Bhavani opposite to Thejeswani main entrance for parking and go out through the same gate where sufficient arrangements for IN & OUT going vehicles have been made.

4. Two wheelers should park in the parking slots already marked for 2 wheelers.

5. The IN & OUT going two wheelers should obey the traffic rules and guidance of the Security guards.

6. All Three wheelers should stop at the Bus Bay area and not enter the portico of Bhavani building.

7. All company cabs will stop in front of Bhavani where it is marked for them only. They will not enter the portico.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good, but what is the point?
What if a staff is disabled? Nevermind, is there a ramp for disabled people even??? World-Class TP?

Anonymous said...

Thughalak reforms. Anyone give a thought to people coming in autos during rainy season !!!!.

Anonymous said...

Why they are implementing such ***ing regulations?

Anonymous said...

All it will take is one rainy day and drenched employees.

The feedback after that will ensure that CEO's are not the only people who will enter and exit TP bone dry.

Sony said...

this is the typical Thughalak. TP authorities are not different than the typical government servants