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Friday, April 25, 2008

Tech a break 2008 - Group dance competetion

Hilarious !!!!!

Thats the word comes to the mind when we think about the Tech a break 2008 Group Dance Competition. That stage show can even conquer the professional dancing shows in major channels now a days, and remember the techie ppl are prettier and smarter than the channel atrists :), btb, here is a few shots which tell you the same thing.

What to say... it is very difficult to choose the best a dozen of top performers.. the thing is everybody performed well, not exactly..even beyond the expectations !!!

Infosys Team

Truly professional dancers, their theme and costumes were quite good and the performance was enriched with the presence of the ex-amrita super dancer runner up.

UST Global Team

UST Global done an excellent theme starting from classical then to heavy metal that again routed to the tamil folk. their dancers are excellent.

Tata Elxsi Team

What to say man? these guys are amazing... what a theme, what a concept, what a presentation!!!! this is the first time we are seeing such a perfect theme in a dance floor.we really loved it. well done you guys. you guys deserve the victory. technoparkLive rated you as the STAR performers of that show...

IBS Team
IBS - no words to describe your performance. synchronization was fantastic, the patters were unique.

M Squared Team

The No Problem Team.. After seeing it, everybody asked - guys or gals?? such an energetic team, with super dynamic pretty gals.

NeST Team

Black & White with a good mix of songs really rocked the audience. good job guys!

Photo courtesy : Nishanth. You can view his fliker photo album Here..

We will upload more photos of different teams with detailed reviews... people who are interested to write detailed reviews about each teams performance can contact
stay tuned enjoy!

Group Dance

Find the photos of Tech A Break Group Dance here.
You can login using yahoo user id and password in flickr.
Actual resolution of pictures are 800*600 pixels, you can get those only if you login.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tech a break 08- Techie superstar singer update

The Techie Superstar singer was a fabulous show. the samgamam amphitheater were filled with the crowd at 6.30 itself. it was a surprise for the judges by seeing the astonishing performance by the techies on stage.

Every company participated with passion and true spirit of the event. among them the Allianz Cornhill, UST Global and M2 Softwares and team got special mention from the judges. all other teams also performed well.

here is some snaps of that stage, sorry for the bad picture quality. we will update with good resolution picture soon.

Tech a break 2008 rally photos - 4

Tech a break 2008 - DJ show

Technopark gets Pollution Control Board notice!

The green credentials of the ‘world’s greenest technopolis’ has been put under the scanner.

The Pollution Control Board (PCB), in a sternly-worded notice on Wednesday, has asked the Technopark authorities to clean up their act and urgently put in place scientific anti-pollution systems on the campus.

The PCB has held the Technopark culpable on three major counts. One, for a primitive sewage treatment with inadequate capacity. Two, for the lack of a water treatment facility. Three, for not having an authorised e-waste disposal system.

The KSPCB has also asked Technopark to provide information about the steps taken to contain the sound and air pollution caused by power generators

Read More..

Earthday celebration at Technopark

Technopark Trivandrum: Kerala’s leading IT and BPO services company, UST Global, Tuesday launched a campaign for environmental awareness at the Technopark campus here. The centrepiece of the campaign was an innovative “pookalam” ( floral carpet) with ecology messages, backed by a poster and signature campaign for spreading eco-awareness.

“Earth Day is the latest in the series of an ongoing campaign to create awareness and make a difference in Kerala. According to Business Week, UST Global ranked second in creating a governance programme that orchestrates the environmental goals and needs of clients,” the company said in a statement.

Every year UST organises Green Day! to coincide with World Environment Day, during which housands of saplings are donated to the government for planting.

The centrepiece of the campaign was an innovative 'pookalam' ( floral carpet) with ecology messages, backed by a poster and signature campaign for spreading eco-awareness.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Picture of the day - the height of curiosity!

The Height of Curiosity of an outsider - a scene from Tech a break 2008 Rally
(Photo : Shine P Cherian)

Tech a break 2008 rally - some variety shots

Cutting jokes between Ms. Kalliyankattu Neeli & Ms.Lisa

Veendum LISA !!!

The SAW !!!

Luttappi Unplugged!


The King

Hoodi Baba!

Bin & Bush


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Subway opened in Technopark

SUBWAY opened a new franchisee in technopark, It is situated near the main entrance of technopark( NH Road). since it resides out of the main campus, even the non-technoparkians can also easily access it.

The SUBWAY® chain is the largest submarine sandwich chain in the world, and the world’s second largest fast-food franchise famous for its made-to-order foot long and 6-inch submarine sandwiches. They are served on breads that are baked fresh in each restaurant throughout the day. Customers create their own hot or cold sandwiches by choosing from a variety of meats, fresh vegetables, cheeses and condiments, while viewing the sandwich being assembled right in front of them. The SUBWAY® brand has developed a reputation for serving high-quality food that is a healthful alternative to traditionally fatty fast food. The SUB-WAY® menu also features several gourmet-inspired sauces exclusively pre-pared for SUBWAY® restaurants, which can be used to complement any sandwich on the menu.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tech a break 2008 in Technopark

The 12th annual celebrations of Technopark began here on Monday with a colourful pageantry on the sprawling campus.

Named ‘Kristal Group Presents Nest Tech-A-Break 2008,’ the festival includes music, dance and entertainment programmes spread over a week.

Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs M. Vijayakumar inaugurated the festival. Employees of all the companies on the campus participated in the pageantry.

The theme of this year’s rally was ‘Halloween and Seasons.’ Participants in the rally donned robes representing various Halloween characters.


Concerts and competitions in quiz and various cultural events will be the highlight of the event. Other attractions this year are: Techies Super Star Singer; a group song contest with a difference; and Save Planet Earth- a programme where the teams come out with innovative ways to highlight the issues concerning the earth.

Musical extravaganza

The celebrations will conclude with a musical extravaganza, Pop Technopark, presented by the famous group Bennett and the Band, along with Keith Peters from Chennai, Azad and Pop Shalini, followed by performances from Jazz Peckers and actor Sitara Balakrishnan.

Prizes will be given away to winning teams in the various categories and a Champions Cup to the company that wins the maximum points in the festival.

“It’s time again for festivities and fun at Technopark and everyone on the campus is charged up to participate in the event. We are very positive that the celebrations this year will be far more attractive than the previous years,” R.K. Nair, CEO, Technopark, said.

The main sponsors of Kristal Group Presents Nest Tech-A-Break 2008 are Kristal Group, Nest, IBS, Infosys & Collabera. The culminating mega-event is sponsored by the Leela Group

Click here to see Tech a break 2008 event photos
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