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Friday, April 25, 2008

Tech a break 2008 - Group dance competetion

Hilarious !!!!!

Thats the word comes to the mind when we think about the Tech a break 2008 Group Dance Competition. That stage show can even conquer the professional dancing shows in major channels now a days, and remember the techie ppl are prettier and smarter than the channel atrists :), btb, here is a few shots which tell you the same thing.

What to say... it is very difficult to choose the best a dozen of top performers.. the thing is everybody performed well, not exactly..even beyond the expectations !!!

Infosys Team

Truly professional dancers, their theme and costumes were quite good and the performance was enriched with the presence of the ex-amrita super dancer runner up.

UST Global Team

UST Global done an excellent theme starting from classical then to heavy metal that again routed to the tamil folk. their dancers are excellent.

Tata Elxsi Team

What to say man? these guys are amazing... what a theme, what a concept, what a presentation!!!! this is the first time we are seeing such a perfect theme in a dance floor.we really loved it. well done you guys. you guys deserve the victory. technoparkLive rated you as the STAR performers of that show...

IBS Team
IBS - no words to describe your performance. synchronization was fantastic, the patters were unique.

M Squared Team

The No Problem Team.. After seeing it, everybody asked - guys or gals?? such an energetic team, with super dynamic pretty gals.

NeST Team

Black & White with a good mix of songs really rocked the audience. good job guys!

Photo courtesy : Nishanth. You can view his fliker photo album Here..

We will upload more photos of different teams with detailed reviews... people who are interested to write detailed reviews about each teams performance can contact
stay tuned enjoy!

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