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Thursday, March 20, 2008

A view from Coffee Beenz, Technopark

Enjoy a baba budan - A view from coffee beanz, technopark

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Picture of the day - MSquared Building, Technopark

M2 Software Development and Exports (P) Ltd is a leading US based MNC established in 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The corporate office operates in M-squared building, a plush office constructed in 2 acres of land or 45,000 sq. ft at Technopark Campus.

Companies operating in M2 Building : M2 Softwares, M2 Medical Transcription services, Aaryans Infoway

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Free Software Research Centre is coming up in Technopark?

Free Software Research centre

A research center of international standard would be set up in Kerala for the promotion and development of free software, Chief Minister told the assembly on Tuesday,The government had initiated steps in the direction, he said replying to questions.

He said development of Thiruvananthapuram airport according to the master plan would be completed by December this year. Land necessary for the project had already been acquired.

Free software History of Technopark

About two years ago, Group of Technopark Companies (GTECH) and the Trivandrum chapter of the Computer Society of India (CSI) conducted a survey, A total of 20 companies responded to the survey, among an estimated 45 companies that are engaged in IT-related work. The most commonly used operating system in these companies was Windows NT family (90 per cent), followed by Windows 95 family (85 per cent) and the GNU/Linux family (80 per cent). Most common applications of GNU/Linux were Email server (68 per cent), Internet gateway (56 per cent) and Web proxy (56 per cent). The most common client-side applications of FLOSS platforms included compilers and IDEs (56 and 50 per cent respectively) and word processing (31 per cent).

The most significant perceptions among the present users of FLOSS platforms were the following (average scores on a 0-9 scale with 9 for `strongly agree', 0 for `strongly disagree'. (a) The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), a metric that includes the purchase price, and other costs of support and personnel, is significantly lower for GNU/Linux (score: 8.5), (b) Linux crashes are fewer than Windows (score 8.5) (c) Linux is appropriate for server-side applications (score 8.1), and (d) Linux is difficult to install (score 2.0, indicating disagreement).

Strong opinions of the respondents were the following: Linux is more cost-effective than Windows for server-side applications (score 8.3), FLOSS provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn (score 8.3), software accompanied by source code is better since it allows modification if required (score 8.1), FLOSS has less licensing and legal problems (score 8.1), mass IT programmes undertaken with public funds must not use only proprietary operating systems (score 8.0) and Linux is a conspiracy by a few companies (score 2.0, indicating disagreement).

However, there is also a perception - although weakly articulated, with a score of 6.4 - that desktop applications tend to be more user friendly on Windows. Another related perception - that migration of client-side applications to Linux is difficult - is felt more strongly by non-users than users. Many respondents felt that "free software has less licensing problems compared to proprietary software" and that "proprietary licensing policies are becoming a problem for Third World societies".

However, an apprehension has been expressed on a possible shortage of manpower in the Linux area. This offers a window of opportunity for training organisations, as the employment opportunities - both in India and abroad - for Linux skills is likely to increase exponentially.

And some techies were formed an independent forum for discussing the free software activities in technoprk, Free Software Forum - Technopark

e-governance conclave in Technopark

Technopark will host national e-governance programme (NeGP), in tandem with the event Kerala IT.Com 2008. R Chandrasekhar, additional secretary, ICT, Govt of India will inaugurate the NeGP seminar, according to a release.

The park is envisaged to witness the convergence of all major stakeholders in info business like IT secretaries of various state governments, decision makers from GoI, industry associations, and various other departments of the government during the event.

NeGP seminar will focus on factors like service delivery infrastructure and capacity buiding; success stories and challenges; IT education; infrastructre; best practices; whereas the exhibition will have over 100 major IT Companies showcasing their products and services. Some of the participating Companies are Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Infosys, Wirpro, Intel, NIIT, C-DAC, Sybase, Computer Associates, CMC, IBS, HP, 3i Infotech, DOEACC, K2, Dell, TVS, Core Projects, etc.

The seminar is likely to come up with some firm decisions on the prime concerns facing IT industry, says RK Nair, CEO, Technopark.

"Kerala - The IT Destination Hub" (Cutting edge and viable solutions through use of IT) is the theme for Kerala IT.Com 08. Nair said, "We are extremely happy to be associated with Kerala IT.Com 2008. The exhibition and seminar will bring some of the major decision makers in IT discussing the prime concerns facing the IT industry in Kerala and we hope to take some firm decisions to address the same."

The event is supported by Kerala State IT Mission and organsied by Wisitex Foundation.

GTECH in Technopark

GTECH, Group of Technopark Companies is a strategic association of IT companies in Technopark, a common forum where member companies work together for mutual benefit and progress.

GTECH was setup with a mission and a visionary zeal to:

Promote the interests of the community of IT companies in Technopark.
Grow into a powerful regional forum and contribute to the success of member companies by:

1. Articulating the consensual views of its members to Government, regulatory agencies, media and the general public.
2. Joint market development activities on behalf of member companies.
3. Enhancing organisational maturity through joint initiatives in the areas of process improvement, human resource development, and other best practices.
Promote Technopark Kerala as the preferred IT destination globally.

Over 50 companies including 4 CMM Level 5, 2 CMM Level 3, and a number of ISO 9001 companies operate out of Technopark. The park also houses skilled manpower with varied excellent infrastructure (amidst breathtaking greenery), meeting global IT & ITES industry standards at one-third the cost of comparable facilities.

GTECH caters to a global blue-chip clientele across countries of North America, Japan, Europe, Middle East, Australasia and Singapore. Click here for specific clientele.

If you are looking for Offshore Software Development, Business Process Outsourcing, Onsite Consulting, Joint Ventures/Strategic Alliances and/or Product Marketing, get in touch with GTECH right away.

To Contact GTECH

Mr Sunil Gupta
Group of Technopark Companies
Phone: 91-471-2700176

the GTEH agreement among the technopark companies ( who signed in GTECH agreement ) is that, no employee in a GTECH Company can join any other GTECH company within the campus without a break of 6 months.that means if you want to join any other GTECH company in technopark, you should work outside the campus at least 6 months.

but interestingly some of the companies in technopark is not signed in this agreement. Infosys is one among them, so anybody can join infosys without any GTECH hazards. and they utilized this when they started operation in trivandurm, they got so many good talents from the campus to join infy that time.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Technopark and Infopark to be expanded

An aerial view of proposed land for technocity, Trivandrum

In line with its plans to develop Trivandrum Kochi as the foremost IT locations in the region, the Kerala government has commenced work on integrated townships, specifically for IT and ITeS industry.

Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan said the Technocity project in the state capital and the Smart City project at Kochi would be of global standards with modern infrastructure.

Pointing out that various internationally reputed companies have made Technopark their home, he added, “We are on the threshold of many new initiatives in this sector and within the next few years Kerala will be one of the leading states in India in IT and ITeS sectors. The Kerala State IT Policy provides attractive incentives for IT industry, enhances infrastructure capacities at our IT parks and offers single window clearance among others.”

Speaking to the media after inaugurating Kerala IT.Com at Technopark, the chief minister said Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi had been ranked as the most attractive IT and ITeS destinations in India.

This apart, the government plans to construct two more buildings at the Thiruvananthapuram Technopark and Infopark campuses soon. Each building would boast of 5,00,000 sft

technoparkLive! - Picture of the day

Technopark - Looking to the horizon of opportunities

Unrealistic land price/ rent for Technopark employees, How to prevent it?

This quandary is indeed a matter of serious concern. With the Technocity Project coming up near Pallippuram along with the Technopark Phase-II and Phase-III work which is already on, the land price has touched astronimical rates, and so is the case with house rent rates as well.

Earlier, this was the predicament only faced by IT pros in Bangalore and other Tier-I cities, but of late, it has become contagious and followed by the landlords in and around Kazhakuttom (Trivandrum) in a disingenuous manner.

I think the following point could help to an extent -

Technopark employees being united and stop paying high rents. (big challenge but doable)

this can certainly happen if effort comes in from each individual in Technopark. For that to happen, an awareness has to be created. There has to be a strong wide-spread campaign/movement emanating from the IT fraternity.

So, to start with, I think those of you who have had bitter experiences will have to convey this to HR folks in respective companies. Then a Forum/syndicate has to be created with the help of HRs from at least the big fishes here (UST, Infosys, TCS, IBS, Allianz, SunTec et al). Subsequently, it has to be taken up at the Technopark authorities level. For instance, present a memorandum to CEO R K Nair, IT Secretary Ajaykumar and Special IT Secretary K R Jyotilal addressing the plight of the employees.

With the help of these authorities, put pressure on the Kazhakoottam Panchayat or Local Administration authorities and ensure that the landlords are given a STRICT MANDATE from the authorities that rent must be charged ONLY to a certain amount. This will happen ONLY if there is POLITICAL WILL from Government and Local authorities.

I am sure that renowned bureaucracy (at all levels - State, District, Panchayat) will see it as a serious malversation , and block off. Having said that, to make something happen, we will have to connect and show our strength.

In short, IT pros will have to unite, lead and execute it. The challenge out here is to unite them under an umbrella. We will have to exhort pros who are already tied-up with the routine work to spend sometime and speak to their HRs and urge them to form a consortium (of companies).

Unless and until we do something of this scale - a collective, directed and dedicated effort/campaign, people/landlords will continue doing so (they decide their own rent), and we will end up paying huge amount for rent from our pockets.

Concerted Action will certainly pay dividends!!!

( Information Courtesy : Hari Nair )

Now a days, its a habit of landlords and house owners near and around the technopark, to demand some unrealistic amount for land house or even for rent. it happens even in the local fish market, if they know you are from technopark, the prices will be many fold.

Please share your views and thoughts in to this

Photos of Chandragiri building, Technopark

technopark Live! poll result - The most beautiful building in technopark !

technoparkLive! is announcing the result of the poll - The most beautiful building in technopark - its 'Bhavani'. it has got 62% of votes, Tejaswini has got 2nd place with 14%

see the poll result, and we request you to participate in our future polls also... thanks to all participants.

Filenet Job opportinity in Technopark

There is an urgent requirement for Filenet Professionals the following skill set:

- Experience in Filenet 3.5 Enterprise - Mandatory
- Java/J2EE exposure.
- Records Manager/Email manager experience
- Production support exposure
- Good to have Filenet certification
- Short term onsite opportunity.
- Location can be Chennai/Trivandrum.

send your resume to