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Monday, March 17, 2008

Unrealistic land price/ rent for Technopark employees, How to prevent it?

This quandary is indeed a matter of serious concern. With the Technocity Project coming up near Pallippuram along with the Technopark Phase-II and Phase-III work which is already on, the land price has touched astronimical rates, and so is the case with house rent rates as well.

Earlier, this was the predicament only faced by IT pros in Bangalore and other Tier-I cities, but of late, it has become contagious and followed by the landlords in and around Kazhakuttom (Trivandrum) in a disingenuous manner.

I think the following point could help to an extent -

Technopark employees being united and stop paying high rents. (big challenge but doable)

this can certainly happen if effort comes in from each individual in Technopark. For that to happen, an awareness has to be created. There has to be a strong wide-spread campaign/movement emanating from the IT fraternity.

So, to start with, I think those of you who have had bitter experiences will have to convey this to HR folks in respective companies. Then a Forum/syndicate has to be created with the help of HRs from at least the big fishes here (UST, Infosys, TCS, IBS, Allianz, SunTec et al). Subsequently, it has to be taken up at the Technopark authorities level. For instance, present a memorandum to CEO R K Nair, IT Secretary Ajaykumar and Special IT Secretary K R Jyotilal addressing the plight of the employees.

With the help of these authorities, put pressure on the Kazhakoottam Panchayat or Local Administration authorities and ensure that the landlords are given a STRICT MANDATE from the authorities that rent must be charged ONLY to a certain amount. This will happen ONLY if there is POLITICAL WILL from Government and Local authorities.

I am sure that renowned bureaucracy (at all levels - State, District, Panchayat) will see it as a serious malversation , and block off. Having said that, to make something happen, we will have to connect and show our strength.

In short, IT pros will have to unite, lead and execute it. The challenge out here is to unite them under an umbrella. We will have to exhort pros who are already tied-up with the routine work to spend sometime and speak to their HRs and urge them to form a consortium (of companies).

Unless and until we do something of this scale - a collective, directed and dedicated effort/campaign, people/landlords will continue doing so (they decide their own rent), and we will end up paying huge amount for rent from our pockets.

Concerted Action will certainly pay dividends!!!

( Information Courtesy : Hari Nair )

Now a days, its a habit of landlords and house owners near and around the technopark, to demand some unrealistic amount for land house or even for rent. it happens even in the local fish market, if they know you are from technopark, the prices will be many fold.

Please share your views and thoughts in to this

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