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Friday, January 25, 2008

Pathetic toilets in Technopark Restaurants - Vol 1

The Toilets in Technopark restaurants are very pathetic. here is some snaps of a toilet in Bhavani building, Technopark.

Restaurant : Buraq, Bhavani 6th Floor.

The toilet inside is permanently closed.

Look at the protection mechanism, some guys will make it over these plastic sacks too...

Wash basin - see the taps..

It's very difficult to enter in this because of stinking smell...

Album Inaguration by MohanLal & DJ party

The major events were

1) The album is released by Mohan Lal
2) Kathak from IBS
3) Fusion Music played by UST folks
4) Great Salsa dance by IBS
5) Heavy metal Rock show
6) Great DJ party

See the snaps...

Voice of the park - A few more hours left...

Snaps of preparations for Voice of the park inaguration in Tehcnopark Amphitheater.

The Main Pavilion

Technopark Amphitheater

Preparations are going on...

Another view


The Technopark Amphitheater is not big enough to accommodate the technies presently working in technopark. so maximum 200 - 250 ppl can be accomodated here ( presently 15,000 employees are working here with 170 + companies )

i will update the blog with more pictures soon...

Coffe Beanz

Coffe Beanz is the only available Coffe shop in Technopark. It is in 6th floor, bhavani building...

Technopark - views from B6

here is some fine views of technopark campus from the B6 - The one and only one beer parlor for techies

Thursday, January 24, 2008

VOICE OF THE PARK - release of Album by Padmasree Mohanlal 6 pm today!

If you are a music buff, if you are an employee of Technopark, if you have a creative bone in you, you better be at the Amphitheater at 6:00pm on the 25th of January 2008!

Visit the official website of 'Voice of the park' album

How To reach Technopark Amphitheater

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