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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Technopark gets Pollution Control Board notice!

The green credentials of the ‘world’s greenest technopolis’ has been put under the scanner.

The Pollution Control Board (PCB), in a sternly-worded notice on Wednesday, has asked the Technopark authorities to clean up their act and urgently put in place scientific anti-pollution systems on the campus.

The PCB has held the Technopark culpable on three major counts. One, for a primitive sewage treatment with inadequate capacity. Two, for the lack of a water treatment facility. Three, for not having an authorised e-waste disposal system.

The KSPCB has also asked Technopark to provide information about the steps taken to contain the sound and air pollution caused by power generators

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Anonymous said...

e-waste? Does it mean the quality of code sent to clients? :-P

Anonymous said...

anyway it is better code than from any other countries in the world