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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ghost in Technopark?

It is an experience of a Technopark employee who traveled through the Technopark back gate road( university campus road), explained a very strange experience.

this is what she said to technoparktoday.

“I am working in a private firm in technopark. due to some work yesterday, i was held back and delayed my return to home.

around 9:30pm, i started from office in my scooter and was passing through the back entrance road (karyavatom - thripadapuram road) i chose this road b’cos this was recently tarred and a better, smooth road and i was afraid of taking the kazhakootam road due to fear of hooligan activities recently.

as soon as i passed out of the back entrance, a jeep hurried across me from the opposite side and applied a sudden break. lukily i maintained my balance and was not thrown out of my scooty.

when i crossed the first hump in the road itself, the current wen tout and it was completely dark. there were no lights from the nearby houses and the silence marred the cloudy atmosphere which even more added to the fiery nite. the little light in my scooty helped me propel to my target. i accelerated my vehicle. suddenly i noticed something moving in front of me some meters far somewhat near to the right turn in the road. i applied the breaks of my vehicle as it turned out to be a completely strange thing. it had the height of 2 persons mounted to each other and was fatter than a normal person. a dark blanket covered the whole ‘thing’ and it was moving (floating) towards the university road. as soon as the thing went out of sight, i rushed with my vehicle with a little life in my body.

later i explained this shocking story to family but they wont believe..”

What you think? still we can argue that its 21 century, digital world. but how can we neglect the real life incednts and experiences by many folks? this is not the first time we are hearing about such experiences in technopark back gate.As many people says,Karyavattom Campus road is a haunted place, that area is said to be a physically sensitive place, as described in history.

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nizarikka said...

വളരെ നന്നായിട്ടുണ്ട് സംഗതി കൊള്ളം കേട്ടോ..


വെറുതെയൊന്ന് വിസിറ്റൂ..

Anonymous said...

This is similar to the story in vishwasichalum illenkilum in Asianet on 31st August. In Kozhikode, some land mafia edited a mobile pic taken of a house and added a ghost to it and spread it around like wild fire. Why they did it? - So that the price of the land where the house stood would go down as no one would buy it. Might be some land mafia is behind this too.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

anonymus is saying the truth

Anonymous said...

same ghost in kozhikode ,so those songs r not truth.