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Monday, July 7, 2008

Petrol theft in Technopark?

Please find the mail circulated by a technopark employee. Please be alert.

Dear All,

On friday evening when I took out my car from Technopark I noticed that fuel level was nil. Surprisingly that morning I had put in Rs 500 worth of Petrol.

First I thought that fuel meter had some problem but the car stopped immediately as I crossed the back gate .

I rang up popular service and they send across a person .He showed me that the tube connecting to the fuel tank was disconnected.

Further I learned from him that the person whoever did was a real expert as this tube is clipped to the filter and when we looked at it the clip was removed and was slipped up the tube.

earlier also we reported many fuel theft incidents near the Nila building, especially from the bikes of employees working in night shifts. technopark deployed many securities in parking areas and all, but still the theft continues, and more such incidents are being reported daily.


Roy Samuel said...

This is an issue which is being faced by many bike owners. But this is the first time i am hearing theft from a car. Its high time the security in the parking lot take a vigilant stand in this issue

Rakesh R said...
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Rakesh R said...

Thefts from car were regular.. I heard it first time, when my project leader complained about this 3 years back. Both the incidents mentioned here happened when the car was parked near Chandragiri building.. near Park Centre

Anonymous said...

theft from the cars and bikes are very common in technopark. it happened to my friend, who forget to lock his car and he kept his mobile in that when he opened it for taking the lunch box in noon. and the car was parked in the bhavani parking space ( ground floor).

But he managed to get that mobile back, and he recovered it from a colony near sreekaryam. he found that one the persons from that colony is working as the part of car washing agency in technopark.