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Monday, January 28, 2008

Fun@Technopark - Not Found ???

There is no Fun @ Technopark, it seems so....

when i checked Technopark's official site ( ) it gave me following error!

The Fun@Technopark Error !

Technopark authorities and kerala govt is extensively planning and working to attract many companies in to the technopark. then its very shameful for us to keep such a broken links in the official website of technoprak.


arun said...

Its your mistake.
You might have tried with www.

just try

and it will lead to

TechnoparkLive said...

Thanks buddy,

but at the time when i wrote this, there was an error. and we wrote it to authorities also. i think they fixed it now. anyway thanks for your update, and keep posting.

- technoparkLive!