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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Hump issue resolved!

The Hump is getting Destroyed!

Its really happy to see that the Hump issue is taken by the Technopark authorities and they took necessery actions to reduce the height of the deadly hump. Thanks a lot Technopark!!!

TechnoparkLive! reported yesterday about the newly built Giant Hump near the water tank.

Destruction in progress...


Anonymous said...

good news

Sinu Jamal said...

Kudos to Technopark Blog. This is what I call initiative!

scorpiogenius said...

Well done buddy...Who told social blogs aren't useful to the community? I'll propose this webpage as a glorious example..

At the first place they should've made the hump into a zebra crossing as well by flattening the top of the hump. The problem was that there were 2 similar linings on the road side by side, and it turnrd out lethal. They should've put a little bit more thought while designing the pedestrian crossing..

jk said...

great that such things are brought to the attention of the authorities.

great work indeed.

A thing that was supposed be a boon for many have been a menace for many others.