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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New hump experiment in Technopark

That new hump near water tank came up on last Monday, with the intention of checking speeding of vehicles.Good, but the place is not properly lit, and the stripe painting on the hump can be mistaken to be a pedestrian crossing at night.Several car drivers had their car-jumping skills tested, and a bike (driver saw the new ‘bulge’ too late) was thrown off at 9:30 P.M on Monday itself.

The driver of the bike was knocked off unconscious, and taken to the hospital in the technopark ambulance. (latest status not known)

Speeding vehicles need to be checked, but not by putting crude ‘mountains’ on unlit roads without any sign-boards, or with proper e-mail communication to the companies in Technopark.It’s easy to dismiss this saying the drivers need to be careful, but the ‘skulls’ who put this should not play with the lives of people here.

If only the so-called guardians of traffic show the same interest as ‘shouting at drivers’ in posting a traffic regulator there, we could save some precious lives.The traffic regulator, if posted at the spot, could at least warn the drivers until lights/signboards are in place.

Technopark authorities introduced a couple of new rules in technopark, including the entry restrictions in bhavani portico.

(news courtesy : Jino John)

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Anonymous said...

that hump is too big, and not placed in a proper place.