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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pathetic condition of Technopark back gate road

It is pitiful to see the condition of this road leading to one of the most revenue generating institution in Kerala. This road has been in this condition for at least 6 months now. A major portion of techies, coming from the sreekaryam, ulloor, kesavadasapuram and even from the city are traveling through this road everyday.This is the same route through which the Technopark CEO and other honchos commute, and it is very sad to see that still the condition of the road is really pathetic and deplorable.

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sunil said...

The authorities have tarred the section and put road markings. However, still the wide road is being blocked by pedestrians (especially from the University Campus hostels), who, in large numbers simply walk in a single horizontal line instead of going one behind another. This causes problems for motorists, especially at peak times. Adequate footpath should be constructed at busy pedestrian sections along this road. Also, drainage system should be made to preserve the road without potholes for a long time.