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Monday, June 30, 2008

Workshop on Functional Programming in Technopark

Tutorial on Modern Application Development with PLT Scheme
and Functional Programming

Speaker: Guillaume Marceau, IIITM-K

Date: Wednesday July 2nd 2008, Time :
2pm - 3:30pm,

Location: IIITM-K, Park Centre

This introductory talk will give a bird's eye view of the
Scheme programming language. We will show examples that
illustrate the coding style in functional programming.

The program will present the object oriented
functionality, the GUI toolkit, as well as the threads and
resource management features of PLT Scheme . We will
describe an architecture for a debugger, and give one
example of syntactic hygienic macros -- a feature unique to
PLT Scheme.

Speaker Bio:

Guillaume Marceau is Senior Lecturer and Research Scholar at
the Institute of Information Technology and Management --
Kerala, Trivandrum. He is on leave from his doctoral
programme at Brown University, Providence, USA, where he
studies under the supervision of Professor Shriram
Krishnamurthi. His research focuses on bringing well-founded
solutions to issues faced by the software industry, such as
refactoring prototypes into applications, detecting security
flaws by reusing existing static analyzes, and automating
debugging activities. Guillaume has presented his work at
numerous international conferences. He also taught lectures
based on the Professor Krishnamurthi's books, Programming
Languages and Interpretation, as well as How to Design
Programs, and he participated in the delivery of the
Teach Scheme curriculum to American high-school teachers.
Guillaume has over ten years of experience in software
development, including work done at IBM T. J. Watson Research
Center, and at the Robocup International Robotic
Competition.Guillaume Marceau's website is at

Read his blog

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