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Monday, July 14, 2008

Poll result

Here is the poll result. 51% of the people voted for YES. and they think that the techno city project is a hype. and 36% of them are saying its not a hype.

anyway after the commencement of the technocity project, the prices of the nearby places got rocketed high. and its is reported that it reached up to 17 Lakh/cent!

The real estate mafia and the land brokers are taking the advantage of the techno city project. and so the same reason so many people believes that the technocity is a hype made up of the real estate mafia in trivandrum.

But according to the reliable sources the project is already started and will be completed according to the current plan. govt should take necessery steps to make sure that, this project not making any parallel mafia's in trivandrum.


nishanth nair said...

Its not a hype at all..things are moving very fast in the background..
You can see the list of International Giants for space in Technocity..
The bids sumbitted by these firms are under scruitiny and parcels of land swill be allotted to the shortlisted firms very soon..
Moreover DLF,Unitech,Oceanus,mahindra all got land near the technocity area for private IT parks and residential purposes..

Raheja's Mindspace is also coming up in 100 acres of land..

So wait for more details..

Its really happening..

komalan said...

Hehe. Heard the same about the Kazhakootam-Neyyantinkara bypass...20 years ago!!!

scorpiogenius said...

Whenever there is a big industrial investment it will generate interest in real estate and associated fields around the area. Whats the new thing in it?

The project comes first, then the real estate developers. Sadly, the mafia grows along with it. But it is not right to presume that all projects are for the benefit of real estate barons. Technocity is planned in the best interest of the state, and lets all hope this will materialize.

nishanth nair said...

Just wait(not 20 years) and see..thats all..

nishanth nair said...

sometimes its very sad to see that peple working in Technopark doesnt know much about the (IT)developments happening around the park and the city..

Robbie said...

17 Lakhs for that barren land that can reap only Cashew Nuts? 17 Lakhs for an area filled with typically backward people? 17 lakhs for the extra heat, boredom and bluntness?
You must be kidding. You would be much better off living in Kollam!

Not worth spending 17 lakhs on some land in a god foresaken land with nothing other than a Technocity in the pipeline. Might as well buy a holiday home in Munnar.

shameeer said...

my uncle's home near this technocity proposed area(Andoorkonam).I got the information that they are preparing the lands by cutting trees and making a wide road like our NH through this land..