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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

TECH-A-BREAK 2008 programme Details

The following are the detailed programme of Tech-A-Break 2008






Rally followed by DJ

22nd Tue

Light Music Duets

Old is Gold / Rock Concert

23rd Wed

Solo Song Classical

Save Planet Earth


Solo Song Western

Techie Superstar singer

25th Fri

Quiz / Buzz

Group Dance Competition

26th Sat


Prize Distribution with mega show

Rules and Regulations for the contests:


  1. The themes for the Rally will be “SEASONS” and “HALLOWEEN”.
  2. The Teams may use either of the above or a combination of the two themes for their presentation.
  3. The Teams will have to assemble at specified points where the judges will visit to make their judgment.
  4. The teams will then move in procession to the main gate where the flame of Tech-A-Break 2008 will be lit.
  5. An open air disco will follow into the night where the techies can let their hair loose and dance the night away.


  1. There will be solo song contests in 2 categories, namely Classical and Western.
  2. No Tracks can be used for the same.
  3. For the Classical song, a shrudi box can be used.
  4. A Time limit of 5 minutes will be awarded for the classical round.
  5. For the Western round, the first stanza of the song and chorus will be judged and then the contestants will be short listed to perform in the final round.
  6. 5 entries per company.


  1. This year the light music contest will be a duet contest.
  2. It is not necessary that the duo have to be 1 male and female. 2 male or 2 female may participate as a team but the song needs to be a duet.
  3. The number of entries per company will be limited to 3 teams per company.
  4. Tracks (minus / Karaoke) may be used for this contest.


  1. This is a group Song Contest with a difference.
  2. The group song will be sung to the accompaniment of a Visual Karaoke Track.
  3. The group needs to put in the following elements into their performance and marks will be allotted in the following categories.
  • Singing - Pitching, Synchronization, Harmonization
  • Performance – Choreography, Audience interaction, Body Language
  • MC – To announce and bring their team onto the Stage – 2 mints
  • Entry and Exit of the Team
  • Who’s gonna be the Techie Team Superstar??? Overall Presentation.
  • The team: - Min 4 to Max 12 Participants per Team.
  • One Team per Company
  • Time Limit – 10 minutes.


  1. Time Limit – 15 minutes
  2. One Team per company consisting of Minimum 4 to Maximum 12 participants to form the team.
  3. Each Team gets to present the theme – SAVE PLANET EARTH using their imagination.
  4. It can be presented in any way – using music, dance, skit, video clips, mimes, and combinations of these, props, fashion shows or anything one can think of.


  1. 2 members per team. For the prelims, there is no restriction no: of entries per company can send in.
  2. There will be a preliminary round to select 4 teams to the finals.
  3. Only one top scoring team per company will make it to the finals. In the event of more than one team qualifying for the finals, the teams are free to interchange their team mates as they wish or send any team that qualifies to the finals to represent their company.
  4. The quiz will be a general quiz.


  1. Time Limit – 15 minutes
  2. One Team per company consisting of Minimum 4 to Maximum 12 participants to form the team.
  3. There will be only one common category for the contest.
  4. The teams can do a medley of dances, fusion or any category of dance in the time limit specified.
  5. Teams will be judged on Costume, Presentation, Choreography, Synchronization, Variation of Steps used, theme presentation and audience interaction.


  1. There will be 4 team based fun sports games.
  2. 1 team per company.
  3. 10 participants per team.
  4. The details of the Sports will be sent to you within the next few days.


  1. The last date for entries for the various contests will be Saturday, the 12th of April.
  2. Kindly send in your entries both as a mail to , and also submit a hard copy of the same at the Tech-A-Break 2008 desk at Park Centre.
  3. Kindly stick to the deadline as we need to make arrangements for the same and make any changes if necessary (If we can accommodate more entries, we will be in a position to tell you by April 15th).
  4. The entry form is attached. Kindly fill in the form and mail and submit the hard copy as mentioned above.


For the Solo Items the points for the Tech-A-Break 2008 Company of the year will be as follows:

1st Place 5 points

2nd Place 3 points

3rd Place 1 point

For the Sports, Quiz and Group Contests the points will be as follows:

1st Place 10 points

2nd Place 7 points

3rd Place 5 points

Click Here to download the Entry Form

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