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Monday, March 31, 2008

Management programs from IIMs and XLRI in Trivandrum

Would you like to join the small percentile of professionals who rise to senior management positions?

Being a high-tech professional, your academic exposure and application of business management skills such as accounting or finance maybe very limited, yet as you move into team leading roles, such skills can become more important than technical skills. To perform on such roles, you need to move beyond individual achievement toward effective team driven business management, and from the current status quo toward an even greater capacity for change, growth, and leadership. Your technical strengths can bring you success during early stage of the career, but further advancement frequently requires the development of a more general set of skills and a more comprehensive, multi-functional perspective. Acquiring such skills not only help increase your confidence and vision at work but also enable you to join that elite cream of executives with hefty pay scales. And if renowned institutions like IIM and XLRI along with their certification stamp impart such skills, you can accelerate individual progress with a multifold increase in your value to the organization.

For the first time in Trivandrum, SPRINGBOARD™ is introducing prestigious management programs from IIMs and XLRI, targeted for the high-tech industry in Kerala. Enumerous corporate participants in Bangalore and other cities worldwide have already reaped the benefits of these global education programs. By helping participants develop a broader vision for company success, our satellite education programs help organizations groom the next generation of corporate leaders. This in-depth learning experience is well suited to the leadership needs and time demands of all high-tech professionals in today's highly competitive environment. Leveraging advanced strategies and techniques, participants learn how to excel in decision-making and execution. Designed to drive corporate performance by creating indispensable leaders, our courses transforms the way executives think, manage, and solve problems. Participants prepare for organizational transformation by learning to lead responsibly, ethically, and strategically. Through a world-class multimedia infrastructure that streams real-time classrooms from IIMs and XLRI via satellite, SPRINGBOARD™ provides a highly interactive and collaborative learning environment.

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