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Monday, March 31, 2008

Metrosexuality & dating in Technopark

Instant food, instant messenger and now it is instant s-e-x!! weekends and posh Cafés in the city are buzzing with budding aspirants and veterans as well. This is how it goes. Come Friday and he local guy techies of Technopark clamor to be back to their native places……. What else can the she techies go about having on Saturdays and Sundays??? Paid companions are no longer new to the city. Guys are at your service, just that she needs to sponsor them!!!!! This is how it goes…. ‘Ready to serve’ guys are out there at vantage points in the city. Are they gigolos? Common……. They are paid companions.. how dare you disgrace them???? The techie gals earning a handsome take home can take home these guys waiting for their turns. It is good fun. She gets a break…… and lavishes on him costly gifts or an awesome dinner. He happy!!!! She happy!!!!! And the proverbial moral police in town goes groaning…….hah hah…

The trend it seems stands institutionalized. Non keralite gals too should have some fun during weekends…….technoparkLive will soon publish the shocking news and real stories behind it !

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