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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lives at risk in Technopark ???

It seems walking alone in night between technopark and kazhakkuttam is dangerous. last week an infosys guy reported a life threatening incident happened to him..

here is it..

This is to inform you about a life threatening incident that happened last night to one of our colleagues. Due to work pressures we are often required to
stay late and as we are staying close to Technopark the obvious way of commuting back home is by either walking or by two wheeler. In this specific incident that took place last night (10-Mar-2008 close to 10:00 pm) in front of Ginger hotel , my friend was walking back home and he was attacked by muggers (on bike) despite the fact that
police patrol cars were quite near by . He was able to escape from their clutches, by gods grace , only to realize that the attackers went after the next passing by victim .

In one such incident that happened sometime back one of my other colleague was threatened to pay money and was assaulted and hospitalized . It is painful to realize that such incidents still occur and our lives are at risk

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