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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kerala 2008 in Technopark - Updates

See the poster, which displays all major sponsors of 2008 event.

Technopark Park center is decorated in connection with the 2008 event


Anonymous said...

Nice effort! But, you have not talked about the Big FLOP that IT.COM was...
There was hardly any response from the industry and scarce participation too. The sponsors are complaining about the huge losses they have to live with.
What was the whole idea of hosting an event in a city which has no potential customers or clientele?

Technopark Live said...

Yes, what you said is correct, the 2008 was not a success. it was organized with out any proper planning and was a typical govt sponsored kind of program. what i found there is some school and college students instead of any major company representatives.

i think the problems are
1) Lack of proper plan & execution
2) lazy and irresponsible govt kind of event
3) it was not organized or controlled by any event management group or professionals
4) Lack of media coverage and failed to get attention within the industry
5) the facilities and arrangements were poor