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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Technopark based Toonz animation to bring ghost siblings on screen.

‘Mostly Ghostly,’ the popular children’s book series by best-selling author R.L. Stine, is set to storm the silver screen.

Produced by Toonz Animation, a Technopark- based animation studio, the feature film is expected to hit theatres across the world later this year.

Toonz Animation announced here on Wednesday that Universal Studios had bagged the distribution rights of the film.

Based on the first in the eight-book Mostly Ghostly series, the film chronicles the eerie adventures of an 11-year-old outcast Max as he protects Nicky and Tara – the sibling ghosts who live in his house –from the fume-spewing demon Phears.

Formerley foreseeing the huge demand of 2D animators for the rapidly growing animation industry in India, Toonz had launched its first 2D Animation Academy with an international faculty in Thiruvananthapuram to train eligible candidates at international standards.

Toonz animation is in the headlines for many years, as a successfully animation company in india, it has got many accreditations and and recognitions. they are executing top international projects for clients like BBC.

Toonz make technopark proud and famous across the globe. well done guys!

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