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Monday, May 26, 2008

Food in Bhavani - A Real Health Hazard!!!

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Hi friends,
It is with extreme indignation that I am writing this mail to you. The quality of food that is being served in restaurants in Bhavani, especially in “Buraq” is becoming worse from bad every other day.
Despite rolling out mails by different customers with pictures of rubber band, worms, cockroach, hair, etc, the plight of those who end up eating from there doesn’t seem to change.
The complacency and the patience that we are showing have been misunderstood for our passiveness and thus we have been taken for granted. Our relentless demand for quality of food at buraq has fallen on deaf ears.
Think about it. Why do we eat from Buraq despite the tragic quality of the over priced food? Convenience and time management would be the only answer.
We are not bothered of the money we pay, the poor treatment we get, but our health should be given more concern. Despite numerous advices, suggestions and warnings, the obstinate approach which Buraq has shown depresses me and increases my righteous anger.
3 unwashed, unclean prawns with half removed shells and sand was served to me with a pile of onions on it on last Wednesday (16th April) and here I am down with a temperature of 103F, bed-ridden with nausea and head ache. Lucky I didn’t go beyond a piece from that dish. You can call on either of my numbers given below and I am willing to give my testimony on this. I am taking this issue up seriously and am escalating this to the management and the Technopark authority as this is a matter of public interest.
Forget about the exorbitant prices and the pathetic service, I appeal to think twice before eating from Buraq as it may jeopardize your health.
If you value your friends health, please forward this to them so that public attention and interest can hopefully reduce these issues from happening in the future.

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