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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stale food seized from Technopark Restaurants

We reported many times about the low quality high priced food in technopark restaurants. and finally they've got a nice pudding yesterday.

A special squad of the city corporation raided hotels and canteens on the Technopark campus at Kazhakoottam and other places in the city and seized large quantity of stale food on Wednesday.

The stale food included parottas, chappathis, pickles, bread, cake, cooked rice and chicken curry. The raid also unearthed stocks of reused oil.

The squad issued notice to the Café Mojo located in the Gayatri building on the Technopark campus, Amrita Restaurant and Rangoli restaurant on the Nila complex and a canteen in the Tata Consultancy Services building.

The squad filed a complaint with the police after the security personnel at the TCS complex tried to prevent them from inspecting the canteen and taking away the stale food. Health Inspector P. Ajayakumar who led the operation said the police had to be called in after the security staff blocked the exit of the squad members who were in uniform.

All the restaurants within technopark campus is charging very unreasonable prices for the food items. they are not hygienic or the quality of food is not up to the level which they are charging for. It seems Technopark authorities are not having any such criterias on how to operate restaurants in technopark.

Many restaurants are working in various buildings in technopark. each of them are second to none in serving low quality food for unreasonable prices. So many Technoparkians ,those who are having their own vehicles are managed to go out for their food. thus the rest of the crowd mostly the female employees are being the preys of this day light robbery that cannot be justified by any means.

Read NewsPaper Report Here..


Biju said...

Damn these people..Doing anything for money..But expect no action..all are the part of a corporate racket..The authorities never cares the health of the people out here..

suja said...

technopark hasn't any rules for controlling such restaurants?

jibin said...

shut these restaurants and invite fresh tenders for leasing out and authorities should book the persons who are running these hotels under law

Anonymous said...

Take Little Bit More money but Give Pure and Good Food and also Open Restaurent for the Vegeterian Guys...

As few are Pure Vegeterian so also Think about those people too.

Thank YOu.

Think about it..

Nirvan Jain said...

Give Pure Food and also hire one Nutrician

Also Provide Vegeterian Food who are Pure Veg.

Think About it.

Thank You.