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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cricket League in Technopark

UST Global which is the largest company in Technopark having over 4500 employees working out of its Technopark center came out with an innovative idea to engage its employees.

UCL-UST Cricket League was a stage to vent the energy and exuberance that gets clogged in cubicles.

Over 8 months, over 80 teams, over 8 matches a day, over 1200 participants. That’s UCL.

Started on an experimental basis, this event has turned out to be the most successful organizational initiative in the history of UST.

The participation from the ladies side which was made mandatory in UCL added to the uniqueness of the success of this maiden venture. A team needed to have at least two woman members in its side!

Every thing including arranging infrastructure from ground, cricket gear etc to drinking water and recording and archiving the details of every single ball bowled in the tournament which is a tumultuous and gargantuan task was handled by the employees.

One of the greatest achievements of the UCL was the unveiling the UCL trophy by the esteemed partners from HEB (Rick and Jim). They, cricket enthusiasts also played a game with the UST leaders Niketh Sundar (Global HR Head) and Alexander Varghese(Centre Head - Trivandrum) and the UCL officiates.

17th May,2008 was yet another remarkable day for the UCL as well as UST as the 1st UCL tournament came to an end with a fitting finale. The cricketing extravaganza and all its pomb and show came to an exhilarating and electrifying end with 2 extremely distinctive matches; 1.Pryukthi(an all girls team which took on bravely) Vs ROW-U (Rest of Women’s-UST) team and 2. the big boss(Global heads) of UST Vs UCL organizers. The grand success of UCL has invoked interest not just in UST, but also in other companies in the park and the IT industry as a whole. Cricket has turned out to be a religion for UST that in various client locations in the US, matches are played between UST and other Indian vendors like Wipro and in the words of one of our distinguished clients,”I play on the UST side against Wipro on weekends.” Now that the fame and popularity of UCL has reached its zenith, there has been appeals and requests from across various UST centers to structure a UCL organizing team and guide and assist it into a self running state.

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