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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A new threat for technopark - careless Cab drivers !!!

These days people in technopark face a new threat! noon or midnight, the threat looms large on them.

The automobile of Toyoto Innova make, bearing the a name board “Velocity”, offering services to Alliance Corn hill, is the scare of very many here. It flouts all norms that have been insisted by the TechnoPark authorities and religiously followed by the rest. This vehicle simply does not adhere to the speed limit. Even while negotiating a curve within Techno Park Campus, the driver refuses to slow down as a precaution. Even the traffic rules, one needs to be observed, are flouted.

There are certain restrictions placed which need to be observed.( 20 Km/ h) This vehicle knows no rules it seems. Many in the Technopark have had near death experience due to this. Kindly take appropriate action for the people out here are on the verge of taking the law into their hands and disciplining the driver concerned.

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